ThreeWay: Vaginas Singing

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ThreeWay: Vaginas Singing

Amy: Lilith Fair is fast approaching and Jessica tells us sales are down. Does that mean something about female musicians?

KL: It means everyone is broke.

Julia: I dunno, the tickets are really cheap.

Jessica: There are tons of other music festivals that seem to be doing well.

Amy: Yeah, in Chicago, Pitchfork is happening the same weekend. That will sell out for sure.

KL: I think it's at the same time as michigan?

Jessica: Years ago when I went to Lillith Fair it was an important part of my development as a radical feminist lesbian

Julia: I went every single year, all three years it ran.

Amy: Same. So will you go this year?

Jessica: But personally, I don't need those female identified spaces in the same way anymore.

KL: I do. I hate men. It's at the same time as Michigan, so no way.

Julia: No, it's right before my vacay week so I'm not planning on going this time. I might change my mind depending on how broke my ass is.

Amy: I feel like I want to support it. Plus, the musicians are surprisingly good! Mary J, Kelly Clarkson, Gossip, La Roux…

KL: Mary J Blige? I'm dying.

Mary J Blige, giving Lilith a few cool points

Jessica: Maybe they need a better marketing campaign. Less hippie more hipster

Jessica: Feminism needs a make-over.

Julia: Less hippie, more queer would be nice, too.

Jessica: yes Julia!

Julia: Or less lezzie, more queer.

Jessica: I like queer as a category for musical gathering and not just vaginas

Amy: Me too, but a lot of people still need a vagina fest.

Jessica: Unless there is actually a Vagina onstage singing... that would be cool.

Amy: Just because we might not, it's just as important for some women as it once was for us.

Jessica: is it?

Amy: I think so; we live in an evolved bubble.

KL: meaning what? that we're evolved so we don’t need women-only spaces anymore? I just like being able to romp around naked and not dealing with nasty guys and their commentary. p.s. I just bragged about getting catcalled.

Jessica: Wait, folks get naked at Lillith?

Julia: Nobody gets naked at Lilith.


I spy two men and they're shouting, "Play Free Bird!"

Jessica: I'm not equating Lillith with a woman only space, I'm saying as a category for marketing music...

Amy: I think it's a venue for female-identified musicians to get spotlight that they might not

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Julia Watson's picture

Amy, this is maybe the best

Amy, this is maybe the best ThreeWay chat title EVER. xo

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

Oh please! I had a lot to

Oh please! I had a lot to live up to, so thanks Smile


minniesota's picture


It's all her fault because she's Canadian.

Blame Canada, eh?

I think the current Lilith Fair is suffering from the fact that it is always harder to re-create something that was successful the first time.

Hey, speaking of scissoring, do you think we should have a lezzie band called, "X Marks the Spot"?

Still searching for the right brainy quote.

Conlite's picture

Fortunately Canada also

Fortunately Canada also produced k.d. lang.  Smile

Julia Watson's picture

Yeah, but it's a lezzie band,

Yeah, but it's a lezzie band, so shouldn't it be "V Marks the Spot"?

minniesota's picture


Hehe. I was thinking of two "Vs".

Still searching for the right brainy quote.