(un)HEELED: A Fashion Show For the Unconventionally Masculine *photos*

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(un)HEELED: A Fashion Show For the Unconventionally Masculine *photos*

It was a queer take-over of the Brooklyn Museum this past Saturday night, when 7 queer / trans fashion design teams sent models down the runway at the Brooklyn Museum in a splendid event presented by Dapper Q.

Beaux Arts, BAM, Runway; Sharpe Suiting – all photos. T Hammidi

With a head count somewhere near 1500, audience members were both LGBTQIA community members and industry-related talent gathering together under the umbrella of the fashion runway as a site for professional growth, political connection, and community building.

Saint Harridan model with friends

dapperQ  presented // "(un)Heeled: A Fashion Show for the Unconventionally Masculine" at the Brooklyn Museum this past Saturday night. The event was one of the largest celebrations of style for masculine presenting women and transmasculine individuals, offering an alternative narrative to the museum's current "Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe" exhibition. 

SIR New York

Through diverse interactive programming and a multi-brand runway show, (un)Heeled used fashion as a common language and springboard to redefine masculinity; open discussions about gender identity and expression; build and strengthen allyships; educate; and increase visibility and access.

Sharpe Suiting, designer Leon Wu with lead designer Osana Putyatina

Runway designers and models came from Los Angeles, Oakland, New York and many points between. The 7 designers include: Angie Chuang, Bindle & Keep, Goorin Brothers, Jag and Co, Saint Harridan, Sharpe Suiting, and Sir New York

Sharpe Suiting, model

Editor-in-Chief Anita Dolce Vita was the mastermind and Executive Producer behind last night's event. Dolce Vita described the event as a success: “Social media is buzzing about the event. People are talking about how far we've come and where we plan to go next.

Saint Harridan's Mary Going and #2 Hustler Dom Brassey

Discussions are ranging from analysis of the style from a purely visual perspective, to Anonymous Global Tweeting images of the #BlackLivesMatter and #HandsUp acts of solidarity on the runway. The event was a success in starting conversations we wanted and needed to have. “

SIR designer Auston Björkman

Co-Producer Deeba Zivari, a Dapper Q collective member said, “Solidarity is what helps me survive oppression and it is what gives our movement such momentum."

DapperQ's Susan Herr (far left) Anita Dolce-Vita (center), Deeba Zivari (right), DapperQ

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Dec 6, 2014
Beaux Arts Court, Brooklyn Museum