Velvetpark's Official Top 25 Significant Queer Women of 2011

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Velvetpark's Official Top 25 Significant Queer Women of 2011

This year, B. Cole helped spearhead and facilitate the Brown Boi Project’s release of Freeing Yourselves: A Guide to Health and Self-Love as well as the launching of Brown Boi project's youth initiative at the 2011 Second National BUTCH Voices Conference held in Oakland. Known to most of us as the Project Director for Brown Boi Project (a community of masculine of center womyn- a term created by Cole in 2008- men, two-spirit people, transmen, and their allies committed to transforming privilege of masculinity, gender, and race into tools for achieving Racial and Gender Justice), Cole is more than committed to healing lives through her work. Cole is also a member of the Progressive Consultants Network and the Development Executives Roundtable, in addition to being  the co-author of Through the Lens of Culture: Building Capacity for Social Change and Sustainable Communities.

13. Lizbians on TV - Liz Feldman, TV Writer, Producer, Director

While lesbians have loved her for a long time as the creator, writer and star of the webseries This Just Out, Liz Feldman achieved mainstream this year as a writer and producer of the best new comedy of 2011, 2 Broke Girls—a show replete with sapphic double entendres, which we can undoubtedly attribute to Feldman’s fantastically twisted mind. No stranger to comedy, Feldman won four Emmys for her work on The Ellen Degeneres Show (not to mention that she wrote some of Ellen’s jokes for the 2008 Oscars), serves as a “comedy correspondent” on the Jay Leno Show, and is a writer and producer on the hit Bette White TV show Hot in Cleveland. From her work “behind the scenes” to her work in front of the camera, Feldman has solidified herself as a multidimensional force in both the LGBT and in the mainstream entertainment industries.

14. Celebrated Outcast - Dee Rees, Writer & Director

Dee Rees could not have had a more spectacular year. Her story is unheard of—have you ever heard of a queer woman of color, who’s film about a queer teenager of color dealing with gender issues, being picked up by a highly respected indie film production company (Focus Features)? Unbelievable—and a testament to Rees’ brilliance as the writer and director of Pariah. Written as a full-length script in 2005, then re-calibrated as a short subject in ’07, and finally re-adapted as a feature film that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Pariah, which opens nationwide this week, has received unanimous praise from both LGBT and mainstream audiences.

15. Face Changer - Julie R. Davis, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Face Value

In 2009, Julie R. Davis, a long-time activist—the campaign manager of Oregon’s successful “No on 13” campaign in 1994; the founding executive director of Basic Rights Oregon; and, recently, the Northern California Campaign Manager for the “No on Prop 8” campaign, to name just a handful of her contributions to our community—along with queer historian Dr. Timothy McCarthy founded Face Value, for which she currently serves as its Executive Director. This past year, Davis helped the Project secure a $730,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to fund a research project that will examine the “harms children” argument championed by anti-gay activists. As Davis told the Bay Area Reporter this July, “‘We know [due to] over 30 years experience that the issue of children is a winner for our opposition,’ that when children enter the conversation ‘people will instantly go to this place of anxiety and fear and completely shift how they are reacting to an issue or to actual people they know in their lives that are gay and lesbian.’" At the forefront of activism and academia, Davis’ work with Face Value has developed a new effort within our larger LGBT movement.

16. Grilled Cheesus - Hannah Hart, Chefbian,Youtube Star

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Conlite's picture

I had forgotten about Hege

I had forgotten about Hege and Toril!  And such dyke heroes should not be forgotten!  Thanks for pulling this list together.

Tosha's picture

saw Pariah this afternoon

it was so good i wanted to stand up and cheer.  Moving, real, and real funny too.

Marcie Bianco's picture

got sidetracked the other

got sidetracked the other night but am definitely planning to see it this coming week! everyone's been raving about it! (we'll be running our own review of the film this Monday!)

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Good list.

I really enjoy this site, but I'd love to see more UK content in general. Do you need a UK correspondent?

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Jess! yes! email me, please?

Jess! yes! email me, please? let's set this up!

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Will do later.

Off to teach now.

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Okey dokey, glad to see

Okey dokey, glad to see there's at least one Brit (that I know of) on the list!  I have mixed views on Jeantette but her memoir is a work of brilliance and she is a champion of the english language which can only be a good thing.

A belated happy christmas to everyone and here's to 2012!  Gonna be a biggie here - not only do we have the Queen's Diamond Jubliee (bring on the double bank holiday) it's also the London Olympics.  Me, gf and pooch are running off to France for the whole 2 weeks - it's gonna be hell on earth on the trains and tubes so we'll leave it for the tourists!

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happy holidays, Steph! 

happy holidays, Steph!