Vp Issue 2: "A New York Love Letter"

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Vp Issue 2: "A New York Love Letter"

[Originally published in Vp issue 2 by Rachel Kramer Bussel (2002)]

When I thin about September 11, I still can't seem to come to any conclusion except that it's made me lvoe my city more and more fiercely than ever before. I will be walking and cliched and cheesy as this may sound, I just think, "I love New York." And I do.

Recently, I was sitting outside at the World Financial Center, listening to Dar Williams, along with dozens of dykes and hippie moms and their kids, as businessmen and cyclists and boats passed us by. It was a perfect day—free music, beautiful weather, a peaceful crowd, the water calmly drifting along next to us. As the sun set beautifully on the water, I realized there is nowhere else I would rather live.

When I moved here six years ago, it was to go to graduate school. I figured I'd stay for the required three years, maybe a little longer, and then move onto somewhere smaller, quieter—maybe Boston. But this city seduced and entranced me, and I soon found my studies falling by the wayside in favor of late nights out seeing bands, going to dyke bars, or any of the million offerings New York spread otu before me like alluring, never-ending treats.

That's the thing about New York: There is always something going on. And not just one thing, but many things. My biggest complaint is that I am often torn, as on a recent night when I had to do a reading, passing up a panel of gossip columnists, a queer writers' collective session, a meeting of my ladies' salon (where I get to chat and eat and gossip with some of the coolest artistic women around). Yet, tough as that decision was, I welcomed it. I love to hate those choices, where my worlds collide and I have to decide whether to go see my favorite rockabilly band around the corner from my apartment in Williamsburg or attend the fundraiser to help finance a lawsuit against John Ashcroft. All of my many interests—in books, music, sex, feminism, queerness, drinking, makeup, and so on—can be indulged at any time, with plenty of other folks who share those same interests.

While I've found so many fabulous communities here, I've also found New York to be a wonderufl place to explore by myself. I love nothing more thn having a free afternoon to stroll all over,