Vp Issue 5: "Doria Roberts," by Kelly McCartney (2003)

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Vp Issue 5: "Doria Roberts," by Kelly McCartney (2003)

Cutting a contrasting swath to Jill Sobule is Atlanta's Doria Roberts. A self-proclaimed "pissed-off, rock-n-roll, dyke-nigger-bitch" is what we have here. As might be expected, Doria's form of musical provocation is somewhat in your face, though not lacking in thoughtfulness or feeling.

A fixture of the festival and folk circuits, Doria has played all the hot spots over the years: Ladyfest, the Michigan Womyn's Festival, Lilith Fair, and the Montreux Jazz Festival, to name a few.

When not on the road, you'll find Doria running her own label, Hurricane Doria Records, through which she has released all of her own discs as well as a few other worthy projects. 

Then there's Queerstock, a gaggle of tours, festivals, and compilation discs which Doria has helmed for the past six years.

Oh, and she founded Rock for Youth, an organization that supports youth in crisis.

In her spare time, Doria performs at benefits for all sorts of issues that are important to her—GLBT rights, violence against women, child abuse, women's rights, homeless shelters, and more.

Would you rather be Elvis or Liberace?

Liberace. He had a real working class ethic. Not many people realize that—a very righteous guy under all the candelabras, jewelry, and fancy robes.

Do you like it spicy or mild?

I like my food spicy but I tend to go for the milder side oft things generally. I'm a Virgo so there you go.

What was the best gig you've ever played?

Hands down: Lilith Fair in Atlanta. I'll be talking about that show until I'm 100 years old.

Who or what does God mean to you?

No comment.

Of all the songs you've written, which one stands out for you?

"Simple Life." It's the title track and theme of my next album, and the next 50+ years basically. I pretty much summed it up for myself. A true moment of clarity.

To borrow from Inside the Actor's Studio—wht's your favorite swear word?

I am trying to cut down, actually! I heard myself on CD during a live show and I was really shocked. I mean, I can really curse with the best of them. And I don't just use one. No, I tend to string 'em along until they are [one] long curse word. I've always pondered the validity of "Jesus H. Christ" though. Did he even have a middle name?

Who do you consider the female trailblazers of your generation?

I couldn't possibly name everyone. So I'll just say the people who are doing what they love every single day and who are positively contributing to the world circus.


Velvetpark Magazine, Issue 5 (Anniversary Issue 2003), 32-33.