Weekend Playback

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Weekend Playback

broke down barriers of gender and sexuality with lines questioning the institutionalized ideals prevalent in society. After that, Rocky Rivera took the stage and delivered my favorite songs of the night, all while purposefully celebrating the lives women and people of color.

Overall, my date and I had a fantastic time. To learn more from the performers featured at Rock The Belles, check out:


Rocky Rivera, Irie Eyez And Dj Roza

 DJ's POSTED ON THE 1's AND 2's 
DJ Roza
DJ Petra 

-   Naomi Butterfield
-   Jensine Eckwall
-   Yao Xiao
-   Melody Newcomb
-   Anna Rose
-   Naps
-   Stela

Suspended Aerial Rope Dancing
-   Maia Ramnath

B-Girl Showcase 
-   Kelsy Pyro and crew


WORD*ROCK*&SWORD: A Musical Celebration of Women's Lives

When Grace Moon mentioned the show, I initially said yes out of shear curiosity.  This default answer led me to have one of the most magical Saturday outtings of 2013.  Word*Rock*Sword, an entire festival dedicated to the 'exploration of women's lives', occured September 15 - 22 and hosted a plethora of events with spoken word, live music, art and performance by a copious amount of artists.

The venue, Le Poisson Rouge, was nothing short of amazing. Alluring with its dark but sensual ambiance, the crowd was dispersed throughout the bar and seating areas when I stepped into the room at 6:45. DJ Tikka Masala was hitting the ones and twos hard, providing a backdrop of throwback RnB and Hip Hop classics. As the beats thinned and the lights began to shine brightly at the stage, Toshi Reagon took the stage and started the show with fresh music and clean notes from an electric guitar.  Then, the rest of the night flew by as artists took the stage and brought soulful clarity with each song. 

The list of artists seemsedalmost endless:

Nona Hendryx, Martha Redbone, KimberlyNichole, Christelle Durandy, Be Steadwell, Imani Uzuri, Toshi Reagon, Morley, Tamar-kali, Joan As Police Woman, Allison Miller, Ganessa James, Alex Nolan, Sue Hadjopoulos. DJ Tikka Masala, Abena Koomson, Arooj Aftab, Invincible Detroit, Judith Casselberry, KOKUMO, Jessica Care Moore.

What was even more captivating was the energy and sense of community the artists displayed to each other and to all attendees. Not only was this event a celebration of women's lives, but of people of color, of transwomen, of solidarity and true activism.  Because of this, I can honestly say the entire show was one of my favorite performances of 2013.


To get more info on Word*Rock*Sword, visit  http://wordrocksword.toshireagon.com/