Weekly Gleek: Fondue is SO GAY

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Weekly Gleek: Fondue is SO GAY

Okay, so here’s a word I like: intertextuality. A few short years ago, it was relevant mostly to geeky academic cultural theorists like me and my buddies Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault, and others who spend a lot of time talking about the construction of identity and power negotiation in a hegemonic social structure. Yes, I realize this is basically ancient Greek to anyone who is not an über-culture geek like me; but don’t worry, it’s about to circle back.


Because all intertextuality actually means is the shaping of one story’s meaning by other stories. Like Glee inspiring flash mobs and It Gets Better videos and—hey—blog columns!—which then in turn get reflected back on the show. It’s a pretty simple concept; but the really cool thing about it is that it never could have existed five or ten years ago, before the internetz and the social media revolution.

Case in point: anyone who didn’t cry, or at least tear up, during that first commercial spot last night—you know the one I mean—show of hands, plz?


That wasn’t a PSA for the It Gets Better Project; it was just a new commercial for the Google Chrome web browser. Aired at the top of one of the most watched hours of TV in the world, on a show that regularly addresses LGBT bullying in schools (as when, last week, Karovsky admitted that he never knew how much damage his bullying did until Santana made him look at stories online about kids committing suicide because they’d been bullied so badly). They didn’t use the words “It Gets Better Project” on the show; but it isn’t as if we don’t all know what they’re talking about. Just like they never used the words “flash mob” when they did that wacky Barbara Streisand dance at the mall last week; they just know that we know that they know (didja follow that?) all about the worldwide zeitgeist of Glee flash mobs, like this one from Dublin. It’s a little nod from the show to the audience, saying yeah, we’re watching you watching us.


Why am I showing you all this randomness, bois & grrlz? Because I think it’s amazing

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Conlite's picture

I don't know about

I don't know about intertextuality, but I loved the bazillion guitars number!

Tiff's picture

Waiting to see where they go with this....

The next episode is called funeral. Sad

Conlite's picture

Before the funeral episode,

Before the funeral episode, there is an episode called "Prom Queen".  I assume we see all the divas duke it out, but Kurt actually wins the crown?  Then we have the funeral episode when all the divas get revenge by murdering Kurt?  :)

Tiff's picture


I guess my eyes skipped over that one when I saw one called "Funeral." That would be awesome if Kurt one, but he better not be the one who dies. I really hope it's not his dad either. I was thinking either Karovsky or Sam. Don't know....