Weekly Gleek: Gay Bar Superstar

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Weekly Gleek: Gay Bar Superstar

In which the kids of New Directions show America’s youth that getting smothered by a sweaty sack of potatoes can still be fairytale-level romantic if you’re really in love. Also helps if you have one of those instant-fire logs. And, okay, despite my general predilection for making fun of beefcake Finn whenever possible, I have to say this episode did a pretty awesome job of showing some really sweet, positive, emotionally healthy examples of teen sex, both gay and straight. Our introduction to this week’s theme comes in the form of Rachel and Blaine spazzing over their mutual lack of real-life experience to support their on-stage portrayal of sexual awakening; which made me laugh for about five minutes, because all I could think about was Lady Lea having stage-sex with Jonathan Groff in Spring Awakening every day from the age of 14.



Le sigh. I’m just thankful that when I saw it in 2007, she was 21, so I don’t have to feel like a perv for ogling her topless on stage. Yep. You’re sooooo jealous.



…But, in truth, this little jaunt down memory lane reminded me of how fussy I am about sexy visuals. I don’t think I’m alone among lesbo-kind in feeling a need for some sense of context and emotional realness to actually get turned on; beautiful people just getting nekkid and standing there being beautiful is not enough. And that was the prevailing point of this episode’s message about sex all together. In the words of our future president, Brittany S. Pierce, “it’s better with feelings.” (Side note: anyone else starting to wonder how much more of the school year can possibly go by before they actually have their student council elections?)

So, in the spirit of sexy times, here are my top ten favorite moments from this week’s episode:


1) Kurt & Blaine endorsing masturbation. And layers.


It wasn’t the top-billed point in this episode, but if you listen very closely you can hear the squee of sex educators all across the land on this one. Masturbation is good. Not only because it helps relieve the pressure when you’re genuinely not ready to go all the way, but also—and maybe even more importantly—because of how much it helps you to know your own

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ok....imma watch this ep

ok....imma watch this ep before yoga.


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There was a mini love-fest going on between Dianna and Idina on Twitter, too. Smile Oh, and for any Wicked (the book) fans, I thought this article was great. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gregory-maguire/friends-of-dorothy-how-ga_b_1067585.html

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I saw that too!

I just couldn't find the right angle to squeeze it in here. but yes, it was adorable Smile

"We're all born naked. The rest is drag."
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