Weekly Gleek: I Taped it to my Underboob!!!

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Weekly Gleek: I Taped it to my Underboob!!!

In which all our favorite Glee girls completely kick ass at life, Blaine becomes the world’s most stylish pirate, and Puck finds out that the high road has nothing to do with getting high. Also: Michael Jackson! I really have to ask, before we go any further, is there anyone out there who didn’t experience a full-on gleegasm at least once during this episode? If so, you may need to slap yourself in the face with a chicken cutlet. All our little gleeks are growing up and facing their fears of adulthood this week, and for once, the character development arcs through the episode rang true all around, even when the scenarios themselves aren’t necessarily relatable for every single viewer. Oh, yeah, and the music was pretty rockin’ too, wasn’t it?


Yes, we do know it—you’re bad! Instead of a linear timeline for this week’s review, I thought we’d just take a minute to bask in the individual awesomeness of each gleek who had a featured “I’m a big kid now” storyline this week. In no particular order:



OK, maybe I lied—no particular order after #1, which is obviously Santana. How much did you love seeing her in badass mama bear mode this week? There’s no question that Santana’s path to personal growth has been a slow and rocky one, but dayyum, girlfriend really stood up and showed her loyalties when her favorite lesbros were on the line (did you notice she called them “Wondertwins” in the first scene?? A-freakin’-dorable)! And for once, there was absolutely no personal gain for her in any of this; it wasn’t about making herself look good or getting more votes for Prom Queen. The anguished look on her face when she tells Sebastian that Blaine needs surgery for his salt-slushied eye says it all.

Oh, and as if it even needs to be said—she mopped the floor with CW boy’s squeaky rodent ass in that Smooth Criminal duet.



Poor Rachel hasn’t had much breathing room since Frankenteen proposed to her at the end of the last episode, while also juggling the stomach-acid-churning agony of waiting to hear back from NYADA about her future college prospects. I was

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Marcie Bianco's picture

ok ok ok ... i just watched

ok ok ok ... i just watched Ricky Martin's "Sexy and I know it" rendition...ZOMG...part-Lolz, part-Lolsqueal...TOO MUCH.

Tiff's picture

Because I'm lazy, I'm just

Because I'm lazy, I'm just going to copy/paste what I posted on facebook.

I'm pretty sure (especially based on the look on Rachel's face at the end) that the wedding thing is a plot device. They'll use it for a couple heart-to-hearts and totally inappropriate mother/daughter, Idina/Lea duets, as well as a way to introduce Rachel's parents.

My guess? Shelby helps Rachel make a difficult decision and, having found a way to finally be there for her daughter, after all these years, which will give her the closure she needs to move on with her life. (Since Menzel supposedly has an international tour in the works.) We'll meet Rachel's parents in the bargain, and the whole marriage or not subplot will lead to the big reveal of how Ryan Murphy plans to keep Lea, Chris and Cory on the show next year.

Oh, and by the way, while the pimp suit was obviously hot, the band geek in me loved her little majorette outfit. Smile

Jenny Aisenberg's picture

very astute

that could well come to pass, tiff. and yeah, no argument that the MJ majorette outfit is also bangin'-- there's just something about that suit, especially the hat, that makes her look like a total playa and I LOVE IT Smile

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