Weekly Gleek: My Parents Are Ginger Supremacists

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Weekly Gleek: My Parents Are Ginger Supremacists

When exactly did everyone decide that being senior class president was the best way to ensure acceptance to performing arts college? But, okay, the writers need some room to flex their storytelling muscles after they’ve been atrophied so long. And overall, the first three episodes of the season are kicking some epic ass in the realms of plot weaving, character development, and general consistency, all of which were in critical condition in the ICU at the end of last season. So, candy unicorn poop and gold stars for the whole team. Oh, except for Coach Bieste—you get the giant bowl of pasta delivered from the only restaurant in Lima, of course. You’re welcome.



In the opening of this episode, we see Mike Chang in the principal’s office with his dad, who is having a very calm meltdown over the fact that his son got an A- on a test. Obviously he’s on drugs. Or else it’s that darn glee club! Mike’s earnest struggle to please his father without giving up on his dreams is one of the best parts of this episode; and not just ‘cause Mama Chang is such a MILF (back off, Puck, I wasn’t talking to you). We literally hear his dad say the words dancing is a waste of your time, and we see Mike honestly struggling with that as he strives to reconcile his own dreams with the dreams his parents have for him. He’s so lost in introspection, he doesn’t even hear Coach Beiste telling the football team to wash their bat caves & bramble patches so they don’t catch the flesh-eating staph infection from the wrestling team. Seeing him dance with his mom after admitting his real dreams to her, only to have her surprise him with her full love and support, was a high-octane “changing hearts and minds” moment. And it wasn’t even gay!



Which, speaking of the gay: how many of you are now scouring the internet for a pair of thigh-high baseball socks and matching garter belt of your own?



OMGlee, Brittany. I am so voting for you.

While Brittany is busy with her girlpower flashmob, and Mike Chang is agonizing over whether to follow his own dreams or his dad’s, Mercedes has a major ax to grind. Despite being chronically late and putting in the least possible amount of