Weekly Gleek: You Just Got Glitter Bombed

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Weekly Gleek: You Just Got Glitter Bombed

It's a brand new year in the hallowed halls of McKinley High, and man, those writers they hired over the summer are really singing for their supper. They front-loaded all that heavy-handed but totally necessary exposition into the first five minutes of the episode like a taxidermist packs sand up a dead animal's hoo-hah, and now we have about a dozen season-long plot arcs ready to blow from the Cheerios' confetti cannon at regular intervals. I think gay hi-fives are in order. 



What makes a great plot arc isn't just the action of course; it's the journey it takes the characters on that makes the development of the show so rich and fulfilling for its fans, because we feel like we're growing right along with them. And that's an area that's been really touch-and-go on the good ship Glee up till now; I don't know about y'all, but I'm especially excited to see:

1) Kurt and Rachel explore their burgeoning BFFdom this year, as they support each other's dreams and calm each other's anxieties about getting accepted to performing arts college (and, I'm sorry, but how much did you love Rachel telling Kurt "you make me wanna be your boyfriend!")...


2) Santana's exploration of her sexual identity, her struggle with coming out, and her inevitable confrontation with her own loyalties between Glee and the Cheerios...


3) Quinn finally confronting her emo side and letting go of her constant need for approval, thereby freeing her to find her authentic self (and, ok, her authentic self probably isn't this angry pink-haired punk, either...but dannnnng, it doesn't hurt to give it a whirl!)


...Not to mention, Blaine as a series regular now that he's jumped ship from Dalton to McKinley to be with Kurt full-time, Kurt's campaign for senior class president, Mercedes sinking her teeth into her first real relationship with beefcake Bubba from Friday Night Lights, and did I mention Quinn and Rachel giving each other sad puppy eyes under the bleachers?


Hear that? That's the sound of a million fangirls on Tumblr preparing their armies of Faberry fanfics. Not to mention all the Quinn/Santana/Brittany screen time, and the fact that they actually used the term "unholy trinity," which leads me to believe that the writers actually did spend

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The first episode was great. "Rachel, we might be hot stuff at McKinley, but outside the walls, we're not even stuff" nearly made me choke on my dinner, it was so funny.

I ended up watching the Glee Project simply because the musical numbers were still great, (especially the Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure mash-up) and just didn't pay attention to the other crap. I'll save you the trouble though, and say that Lindsay was the contestant everyone loved to hate. She was constantly making the other contestants feel bad, or at least, that's how it was portrayed on the show. She was one of four finalists, but didn't win the 7 episode arc. Theoretically she's only in two episodes. There were two winners (both male) and another finalist, but I won't tell you about the two you didn't mention, in case you don't want to know.

The Christian character you mentioned is one of the winners, and is very rock and roll (Quinn's new bf, maybe?) with dreads, piercings, tattoos, etc. He's gorgeous to look at, but was initially uncomfortable doing a duet with a guy due to his religion, and the fact that his mother wouldn't approve, so I don't know how I feel about him yet. Even I recognize that he's extremely good looking (if only moderately talented), though.

None of the conestants were really New Directions replacement material, and they let my favorite (a fairly angsty girl who could actually pull off jazz--something Ryan Murphy has said the others can't do) go two or three episodes in, unfortunately. In any case, I doub that's where they'll be drawing from when it comes to new Glee Club members.