Weekly Gleek: You've Been Poked by the Pink Dagger

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Weekly Gleek: You've Been Poked by the Pink Dagger

Honey Badgers! Brainiacs! Feline AIDS! Glee is back, bitches! And in this season of the Passover and Easter and spring fertility rites, when we are liberated from the slavery of our daily lives and redeemed by undead zombie Jesus, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one shrieking HALLELUJAH, TEAM GAY  at my TV when Santana finally stood up for Kurt and Blaine and threatened to pop one of Karofsky’s nuts in their honor.

Meanwhile, an equal number of huzzahs were heard ‘round the globe when Sue Sylvester announced the official formation of her new League of Doom, starring Sandy Ryerson (you know, the predatory gay) as the Pink Dagger, the coach from Vocal Adrenalin as Sergeant Handsome, and last but not least, the celebrated shrew Terri Schuester as the Honey Badger, nature’s most fearsome animal. At Sue Sylvester’s urging, we have indeed looked it up on YouTube—this little gem was forwarded by our friends over at The Queer Commons. And kids, if you watch NO OTHER YouTube clip this week, you wanna catch this one. It has special narration by a fabulous fellow named Randall. Here’s what Randall has to say about the Honey Badger: “But look! The honey badger doesn’t care.  It motherfucking eats cobras! It doesn’t give a shit. It’s hungry.”


So watch out for Terri Schuester, bois n’ grrlz. She doesn’t give a shit, and she’ll motherfucking eat you.

First mission of the League of Doom? To ruin the glee club’s benefit concert, “A Night of Neglect,” which is supposed to fund both the glee club and the Brainiacs’ trips to Nationals. In the end, of course, no one shows up except the League of Doom and the heckling club, but Mercedes’ Aretha number is just so damn good, that the Pink Dagger is brought unto the light and decides to launder his drug money by funding the whole shebang himself.

Now, as far as this whole benefit concert situation goes, there is really only one major inconsistency that bothers me. No, it’s not the fact that they are too poor to afford a trip to Nationals, yet they can afford to bring in a full gospel choir to back up Mercedes, plus a shipment of adorable child prodigies to play instruments larger than their bodies behind Holly Holiday.

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Yup, plenty of

Yup, plenty of inconsistencies for sure.  Fans only seem to riot over this kind of thing when it ruins the plot though.  Being a minimal-plot musical, I figure Glee can get away with a lot more yet.  I'm still watching, anyhow!