Welcome to Planet Rude

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Welcome to Planet Rude

Last week Autumn and I had "Date Weekend."  One weekend a month, we each get a little outside of our own comfort zones and try to enjoy the other person's interests without having to  find some happy medium between the two.  Typically, this isn't too hard, since we have so many overlapping interests.  The difference tends to be in how much we enjoy the other person's tastes.

On Saturday night I took Autumn  to see Tori Amos at the Chicago Theatre.  Even though it was not my first choice, it was also not my idea of torture.  I love Tori Amos's music, but she is one of Autumn's  all-time favorite artists.  So, when I saw Tori was coming to town, I sprang for a couple of tickets, as a sort of pre-Christmas present.

We both mostly enjoyed the concert.  The only sour notes did not come from the stage; they came from the seats behind us where there was a gaggle of younger folks who decided to laugh and talk during the entire concert.  It was very distracting. While, on-stage, Tori was singing, "China," off-stage I was fantasizing about loading this chattering bunch onto a slow boat to that country.

I turned around from time to time, to give them my patented stink-eye, but it was powerless against their indifference, and they ignored me.  From time to time people around them would give them some loud shushs, or even a "shut the heck up!" and they'd quiet down for a while.  But after a few stage whispered exchanges and giggles, they would be back at it again.

One of the group seemed to be enjoying the concert.  He was even bobbing his head to the music like he was was totally into it.  But eventually I noticed that he was was still bobbing his head even the music had stopped playing.  I looked at him more closely, and I saw the telltale white Apple earbuds plugged into both of his ears  To make matters worse, he didn't even have the courtesy to be listening to a Tori Amos album. In a lull I clearly caught the tinny notes of some sort of Rap / Hip Hop music.  I was flabbergasted.  Why the heck would anyone pay $80 to go to a theater to listen to the same music you listen to on a $2.50 bus ride?

Sanity was finally restored when a couple of burly ushers escorted the (astonishingly) surprised