When Straight Guys Act Unbearably Gay

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When Straight Guys Act Unbearably Gay

This viral video is being touted as, "watch this amazing drummer!" But I just keep getting douche-chills watching it. There is a simple queer delight in straight guys acting gay. Gold lamé, hello?

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An alternative G Word

I resisted commenting on this video until now. There is a different "g" word I would use to describe that drummer:



Still searching for the right brainy quote.

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That is pretty amazing...

...but I don't think there was anything particularly gay about it.

It's not many drummers who can play with both sides of the stick like that.

And the drummer is so often the unsung hero of rock music who holds it all together but, being behind that imposing instrument, often doesn't get a lot of notoriety.  I thought he was excellent.

Of course they need to get rid of that annoying front man...

There's a thin line...still...

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lol hey guys ha ha ha ha ha

 ok folks this guy is  an awesome total drummer and he got us  or even his real audience  on which his  style  was totally oucch  funny [awk....rd]... I know  Grace why did you say  his acting gay [even his not gay] its just a freakin out act on which  he  was trying to portrayed  [ ? ] or He  loose control like  he took  some drugs  to enhance his energy level .

My  honest opinion he might act like funny because "He has to take out  first his top coat before he performed .The way  he moves with  his style  and when he twirl his sticks is not appropriate with his  HUGE built so his energy level looks like funny with his size  [  with his top coat he look like his flying. As a critic our taste is in different level  especially  we like a rock star performance and those guys suit color are like they going to perform in grandpas party [ and its seem the drummer is an ex hot drummer of  the 80's] so this  is a valid  reason  why he still  fine .In  our group level  were  looking for   a Led Zeppelin hot drummer nor BonJovi drummer  or Melissa  Etheridge drummer  and some new hot rock band drummer in our present generation.

BuggleM the dmd

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"I meant

gay as in you'r so gay, not queer gay. c'mon people... you freaking academics..."

Ah, OK, so you're not saying they look homosexual, you're using the word 'gay' as an insult. Hmm, where have I heard that before? Oh yes - from so many straight morons, with many of whom I have had discussions/arguments about the use of the word in a derrogatory way. Grace, you should act more responsibly. How can you use 'gay' like that? I'm disappointed. Next you'll be saying that we need to lighten up, not be so sensitive, as I've had thrown in my face before now when I've pointed out that the old 'that's so gay' is actually REALLY offensive.

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'unbearably gay'

academic or not, using the term 'unbearably gay' is a term a would expect to hear from straight homophobes not the editor of velvet park.

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Queer to Queer

Unbearably gay is a term that my queer friends and I use as a term of endearment for those going through an overcompensation phase in search or celebrations of their queer identity. You have met these people: Sixteen and all about out and proud, she searches the web under every term on the spectrum, joining every chat, blog, wiki, whatever imaginable. Her first baby tat has to be a labrys (sp?), and the hair... Don't get me started on the hair. Smile

Or maybe at 65 she let it slip in a convo with her wonderfully accepting grand daughter and figured, "What the hell. If you're going to be out, you might as well go way out." Now she's an OWL on the Love cruise and her euphoria ushers in a second youth. She is Unbearably Gay! and we love her because she reminds us of our own youth and enthusiasm when we were new in queer years.

You're so gay/unbearably gay/gaytastic are phrases that require tone to decode. There are people who should never say them and places where they should never be said. But if you have never heard it declared as a truly loving embrace of one queer to another, you need to come and hang with my friends and me. Because there are times when being SO GAY can be the most liberating thing on the planet.

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Not feeling it

That's all very well, but it's not what we're talking about just now, is it? We're not rejoicing in these fellow's 'new queer years' - they're being made fun of. This isn't a celebration of beautiful sexual liberation, it's poking fun at supposedly straight men in shiny gold jackets. Since when did we have to do that to boost our own queer self-esteem?

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Double douche.

It's amazing they can get away with it. It's like their heterosexuality is so obvious that they can do whatever they want. That kind of thing can lead to some serious wackiness in the straight world, apparently.

And I'm sorry. Those gold lame jackets are like a Buddy Holly drag-king moment waiting to happen. We have to own this stuff, people! For the sake of humanity....

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If flailing your arms around

If flailing your arms around like Animal from the Muppets makes you a great drummer, then I suppose this guy's great. To me, he just looks like a giant doofus.

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Laughing out loud

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that's the funniest thing i've seen in a while. who drums like that? a giant DORK that's who.

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Lord have mercy,

Z Z Top sung by gold lame wannabes in some church in Texas - calling themselves sharp dressed men! 

I am back in Texas so there is gay hope again in the Lone Star State! It's hotter 'n hell....

Grace, they are jokes in their closet gay clothes! The biggest goof was the drummer.

Twitter Time @kdhales

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I don't see it...

hmmm, I dunno, this does not strike me as particularly gay. yeah, I see the gold lame and all, but they still just look like a bunch of goofy straight boys from texas to me! that drummer dude is way too visibly pleased with his moves to come off as anything other than a goofy straight dude to me. it's still hilar!!!

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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I meant

gay as in you'r so gay, not queer gay. c'mon people... you freaking academics...

tweet tweet @gracemoon

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ah, so you meant it in the mean-girls way!

you know you're talking to a smith college women's studies major here, right...? everything gay is queer to me! ;p

We're all born naked. The rest is drag.
--RuPaul (appropriating Judith Butler for the masses...)

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yeah i was being a mean boyish-girl

hahha yes I know you people! you have to choose your words wisely!

tweet tweet @gracemoon

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HAHAHAHAHHA douche-chills?


douche-chills? you coined a new phrase

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I don't know where to

I don't know where to begin... 

The gold lame, yes...  And the psuedo-Yiddish shtick is just horrid.  Does being queer give us better jokes and timing?

This drummer must've fallen off the marching band bus and landed on his homo-bone in a pile of coke.  What a drama queen.

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yes! a total drama queen!

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