Will The Real xTina Aguilera Please Step Forward?

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Will The Real xTina Aguilera Please Step Forward?

Moon: Can we deconstruct Christina Aguilera's new video or what?
Prof C:
Yes, I've certainly noticed a few things i'd like to point out

Moon: Okay, I'll start since i know how you like to be provoked, I think it's a total Gaga rip off.
Prof C: There seems to be a lot of severe eyeliner, white wigs, and intertextual elements, with some overlap between the three.

Moon: Oh crap intertextuality?

Prof C: Right, and you're wrong there because they are both ripping off the same things, just with different styles.
Moon: Okay then lets start with xTina copying Gaga, who copied, Madonna who copied Streb!

Prof C: Nicely done. It's lesbian chic redux —with a big bite out of African-American film classics, when Christina totally dramatizes the pivotal scene in “Waiting to Exhale.”

Moon: Okay well you'll have to explain, I never saw it.

Prof C: You must! When she lights the clothes on fire — it's this huge pyro scene from waiting to exhale where Angela Bassett gets pissed and burns all of her boyfriend's expensive things in his BMW. And then she gets to laugh about it while sitting across from Whitney Houston, which is a lifetime dream of mine.
Cage is yelling on the other side of me that there are also Bob Fosse references…
Prof C: The Fosse is more pronounced in "Single Ladies", but it's clear this director is starting to be less and less original.

Moon: Okay I see now, it's a diva express moment. Can we add Andrew Lloyd Webber into the mix? I loved “Phantom of the Opera” as a 21-year-old.

Phantom of the Opera ... oops not this one...

Sarah Brightman doing the Phantom

Prof C: I found this video to be pretty boring... I know we just watched it but i already forgot it!
Moon: Yeah I honestly couldn't get beyond the predictable art direction…
Prof C: The lesbian/kitty/latex outfit bit is incredibly stale…

Moon: Honestly Prof, I think pop culture has lost all of its cutting edge ideas. We are merely regurgitating mid-century with a little bit of the 80's thrown in for color.

Prof C:
I wish this was a commentary on lesbian chic, but it's not. It could have been, but — yeah I agree — there's no edge here. That's a harsh judgment for you to make considering your art history exam you showed me earlier were totally focused on chains of influence (regurgitation?) through the ages!

Moon: Seriously, and no one ever credits the original lesbian hair band, Led Zeppelin.

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Grace Moon's picture

I just thought of

something else.

We failed to use the term "Appropriation!" which is basically the regurgitation of aesthetic and conceptual ideas in the discourse of art!

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Tex's picture

Okay then....

spoken like a true professore of art.....hot!


Twitter Time @kdhales

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

I love LGG, but come on.

I love LGG, but come on. XTina has been around way longer than her, this is not Gaga. This video is totally Madonna and every pop star is influenced by Madonna.

Also, XTIna has at least 10 looks in this video! I love it- so so so diva. She's hot, but isn't she someone's mother? (totally kidding)

Grace Moon's picture

I'm calling this

the first of many Dada blogs of the summer to come...

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Diana Cage's picture

I'm going to throw The Night

I'm going to throw The Night Porter into that soup of hers


Not2Taem's picture

irritating details

Now that you have covered the lack luster of the overall vision, can we talk about those irritating details? A little finesse with the chains, please?

***edit: Never mind. That was Madonna's that I was talking about. It took the other one so long to load I thought it was some weird blank space in the page. High speed internet? Surely they jest.

Elizabeth Koke's picture

culture vultures!

this post is great.

<3 Elizabeth