XTina and Samantha Ronson, Lesbian Lovers?

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XTina and Samantha Ronson, Lesbian Lovers?

Newsflash! Christina Aguilera and Samantha Ronson are doin’ it! I first got this "news" via text from a friend, who I’ll call NX, at 7:35pm Saturday night. It read: “Newsflash! Christina Aguilera and Samantha Ronson are doin’ it. xoxo.” Total Gossip Girl moment. I told everyone I was with. My partner got the same text, so when I told her, she was already checking online and sure enough- it was online, and therefore it must be true.

Also, I want it to be true. All queer women want it to be true. She sings about hating boys, she’s got that S&M video, she kissed Madonna… I could go on and on with quotes she’s said in the media about loving women’s bodies, etc. but the boring “facts” are well, boring and who wants to read that? My research goes as far as looking on Perez Hilton.

Another reason I love this new “verified fact” is because Samantha is one of like 5 celesbians I actually find remotely attractive. So, you know, any gossip related to her I want to plunge right into.

Upon receiving “official confirmation”, my initial thought was: Nickname. What can we call this couple? Are name merges so passé? Brangelina started when- 5, 10 years ago? I’d check, but I’m too lazy to do much online research (see above). Regardless, I’m a sucker for a pun, so I’d like them to have a name. Brainstorm.

SamanXa. No, sounds dumb out loud.

X-antha. Too Xena, Warrior Princes.

SamTina. Not funny

TiSam. Too much like “TiBette”…but that might make it genius!

That’s it! TiSam. I love it. I’m missing the X though. I feel like the X should really be in there. I need help. Contest time! Name the XTina/Samantha Ronson name merge and you’ll win something awesome from Grace Moon!*

So later that night when I got home, I gazed at the Bionic album cover and noticed something very telling; the absolute proof I needed to sleep soundly. If you look real close, you’ll see the word “Lez” in teensy tiny letters in front of “Bionic”. BAM!

Far away

Close up

What more do you need?

xoxo Amy Nicole


*Your prize may or may not be an email from Grace Moon apologizing for the false promise of a prize of which she was unaware.

Comments [20]

Ashera's picture

Christina's new style.

Wow I really screwed up this post....it was originally supposed to say "Hey Christina, Lady Gaga called. She wants her everything back." 

"By the way, the 90's also called. And they want their joke back."

But I misspelled "joke" and wrote "jock".

Doin' good today..... sheesh.... Tongue

raymondj's picture

I vote for X-Ron:  it's

I vote for X-Ron:  it's short, easy to say, and a little cute, but a little badass.

Amy Nicole Miller's picture

love it.

X Ron is good. I also like the cocept of Xtina's first name with Samantha's last name because it's implying they're getting married, which is always fun.

Yvonne's picture

now now

Let us not upset Hermione as well.

Julia Watson's picture

Good show, Ray. X-Ron is also

Good show, Ray. X-Ron is also amusing because it sounds like Enron. See? EXTRA scandalicious.

Yvonne, Stop talking about HP. I'm already dying of anticipation to see the next movie. (Besides nothing gets between my HermiRonie.)

Yvonne's picture

HermiRonie =)

Tell me bout it, already saw the trailer(Drunk a zillion times.. 

Steph's picture

Are we talking Harry Potter

Are we talking Harry Potter here???

Lip Service started last week - fairly good on the whole with some great comedy moments but I was slightly irritated by some of the more blatant copying of The L Word.  But good to see the Beeb doing their bit for the gays, even if it isn't showing on one of the two main channels.

KJ's picture


At first I totally thought that I was supposed to look at the three dots to the left of the brackets. Then I actually saw the letters to the left of that.

PS I vote for XtiRo.

Yvonne's picture


Xtina? is that like Xmas? Big smile

and isn't Samantha with Lindsay? no? Seriously out of date I am..


Satin definition in wiki: Satin is a weave that typically has a glossy surface and a dull back..


Julia Watson's picture

SaXtina is pretty funny, you

SaXtina is pretty funny, you just have to leave out the phonetical "chris" part of the X.

Julia Watson's picture

Or SaXt. Hahahahahaha.

Or SaXt. Hahahahahaha.

Yvonne's picture


the way we're going XtiSa would be proper Tongue

Not2Taem's picture


XMs. ?

Yvonne's picture


XMs .. XLnds Steve


Not2Taem's picture



Not2Taem's picture


(sext-in) as in: Have been sextin' that boi all day?

Conlite's picture


PRIZES?  Mustcompete!Mustcompete:

ChrisSam?  No.  People will think you sneezed on their salad/tofu burger.

Samx?  Sounds a little like spanx, which could also be embarassing in public.

SaX?  Well I'm all for musical instruments.......

SaXTi?  Hmmmm.


Julia Watson's picture

LEZBIGENIUS. If we use Ronson


If we use Ronson instead of Samantha, they can be XtiRo. Sounds charmingly like "zero."

Amy Nicole Miller's picture


I like XtiRo. Is it pronounced Ext ero?

Julia Watson's picture