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Straight Women and the One-way Cunnilingus

Straight Women and the One-way Cunnilingus

Eleven months of sex with her and still no cunnilingus? How long should I wait for her to come around? Is it okay to abandon your partner because she won’t eat your pussy? Am I a fucked up human being for judging her inability (or her unwillingness) to suck on my moist flower of love? Okay, so maybe “moist flower” is a bad metaphor, but what the fellatio!?

What is a dyke to do with these “so-called straight women” who think nothing of swallowing a cupful of gizm from the dripping meat-stick of a cheating boyfriend, but cannot bear the thought of lightly licking a part of me which, routinely, I suck and kiss and nuzzle all night on her selfish body?

I had been chasing her for years. She said she was straight but I didn’t believe her and I knew I could be very convincing. I knew in time she would fall for my charms or my tenacity or her own curiosity. Then one night her boyfriend did something stupid enough for her to want to get back at him. She came over to my apartment furious and hurting. I made tea. I ran a bath. I was on my A-game of lesbian-chasing-straight that night. It was magical. And she needed someone. She didn’t want sex, but she wanted to be close. I held her and read her passages from Toni Morrison’s Sula in bed.

We fooled around for three months before she finally let me “do it” to her. There were soft kisses and heavy breaths; whispered nicknames and wordless grunts. Screams. Nails. Teeth. Orgasms. When she came, it was in waves and waves and waves. She sobbed and told me she was in love with me. We cried and we cuddled. All night I waited for her to pull me toward her and tug at the waist of my steamy wet panties. Close to dawn, I wiggled out of them and offered myself to her. I saw the look of horror and told her not to worry about this being her first time. I knew she would be fine. I guided her hand to my clitoris. She rubbed it a little and stopped. I told her that it was easy. All she had to do was mimic the things I did to her and I would be happy with the result. She, of