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30 May: This Week Belongs To...

30 May: This Week Belongs To...

We're on the precipice of the month of PRIDE; dyke marches and (corporate-sponsored) gay parades will abound. It's the start of the Gay Summer!

So, who does this week belong to?


> the New York City Anti-Violence Project's senior domestic violence counselor Victoria Cruz, a 66 year-old transwoman who was honored by the U.S. Justice Department just last week as one of twelve people honored as the nation's top crime fighters of 2012. Vicki, according to the Daily News, "advises abuse victims from across the city based on lessons she learned surviving years of sexual and physical torment during an era when homophobia was rampant." This lady is a community activist and, well, takes no shit from people. 

> Shara Perkins Murphy, a straight black woman, who was just named the new director of Sacramento's Lesbian & Gay Center. Murphy, who, even though technically "straight," gladly calls herself queer on behalf of the community she adores, even though she acknowledges that the gay community is mostly comprised of "mostly affluent white men." (Preach, sister!) She told The Modesto Bee that her mission is to fight "for civil rights, and challenge anyone who denies there is a parallel between the fight for gay rights and the fight for black rights. They have exactly the same democratically important ethical and moral implications. I don't see any difference. Prejudice allowed anywhere is prejudice everywhere. I want to have a good answer when my future children ask, 'What did you do as California passed Prop. 8?' I want the larger community to re-engage with the center."

> Summertime newlywed-lezzies. In NYC alone these past couple of weeks, we've had two big lezzie weddings: that of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Kim Catullo, and, just this past weekend, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni—or, as Dlisted has coined them, "Mrs. & Mrs. Rojo Caliente":

This past weekend also gave us the wedding of two of Vp's family members, Angela Jimenez and "I Was Once Zach Wahls" Ashley Harness. Congrats, ladies!

> Huffington Post contributor and journalist Allison Hope, who consistently gives me a reason to check out the male-dominated and overly p.c. "Gay Voices" section of the online newsource. Her most recent piece, "How Much Gay Sex Makes You Gay?" ponders just that—in her thoughtful and concise writing, she is able to gently posit what mainstream gays might find offensive (lest I mentioned the aforementioned ginger Cynthia "I'm gay by choice" Nixon and the backlash against her statement?) and succinctly chart the cultural idioms in a way that fantastically renders the question itself moot in value. As I mentioned in my piece on feminism and identity, "labels" are self-prescribed and fluid, not stable. How much gay sex makes you gay is, well, up to you. 

> the little dog that could, Xiao Sa—yes, a dog. Why? Because this stray, little mutt followed cyclists on her four little paws over 1,100 miles over 24 days from China to Tibet. This dog climbed 10 about you? That's what I thought. This dog's my hero. (See a video of Xiao Sa HERE.)


Who do you think this week belongs to?