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Well done, this is a fantastic conversation!
I haven't worked in fashion in years, but Erika Linder has been modeling menswear for some time, and is most well known for her Leonardo DeCaprio look-alike pictures.
Culture is all encompassing....
I can't remember the name of the artist right now, but that was one of the top 3 pieces in the Queer Pop-up Show this year, it was that piece that dealt with Emily and Kate, had a copy of "The Riddle of Emily Dickinson"; which is sooooo expensive; if even found.
This interview was really only timed with Conroy's piece (Lesbian Culture Series, 2012) at the Queer Pop-Up Show, currently STILL up at L Lohman. So, Conroy's conceptual work is data-driven (historical portraits in petri dishes, diagrams, maps, ethno surrealistic interpretations of geographic...
I also missed it, but saw a video recording of the performance. We should go next time!
Really wish I could go....but I'll be on holiday!
the teaches of peaches continues.
I love Terry Gross, she's a fantastic interviewer, a quality she shares with  Maddow. I was surprised to hear that Maddow is a depressive, but her attitude about it was just far too inspiring...and it made me want to stop complaining about *my schedule*.
That opener in the vid is also a total bite of Jean Paul Goude's work with Grace Jones.See album: "Island Life". Did you see her in the Superbowl tonight ? What did think???  
"...her mistakes, words, forwardness and compassion helped me love myself just a little bit more."--profoundly empowering
It's difficult for me to comprehend why anyone, male or female, would aspire to Lil Wayne...Just a thought on Nicki's booty popping in a's a direct bite from a 2009 Shakira video:
Will be checking this out, for sure.
She's amazing!!! I absolutely love her interviewing style and her strange laugh. 
There are people who do yoga and there are people who want to do cool, trendy things, right? How many times have I been in a class with someone who cannot do a proper standing pose, but will strain to do an advanced pose? These studios I stay away from, and I really do see the problem as one...
I don't think you're ready to see me dance just yet.
Word. It's an incredible space—I mean, it's technically in the top 5 largest cathedrals of the world! I hope you make the time to see this show. 
I don't fancy myself qualified to discuss Deleuze (although I like what he writes about artists, especially Bacon!) but yes, I see what you mean (and Deleuze) by what the frame represents, by what it asserts and how it mediates an experience. Rather, how it dictates something about the piece we're...
There is always room for both... : )
That the frame is inseparable from the gaze is key, isn't it?
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