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I gotta stay on E! with my girl Kelly O
Fashion anyone? Isn't anyone watching the Red Carpet? Jennifer Hudson is KILLING me with her hotness. 
Poor thing. I'll have a sit-down with her.
Those are awesome names! Put them in the comments section of the contest---here:
That's somethin'
GLAAD issued a statement, demanding a public apology from NBC/Comcast:
Adrian, Looking back on this, I realize I forgot to ask you what you meant in regards to GLAAD "protesting the T in LGBT". Are you saying they're anti-trans?
OH MY GOD. That looks wretched. I'll watch it.
That's an interesting flip-side to the situation. At that point, I'd take the initiative to go ahead and talk about myself.
I haven't seen The Big C, have you? Julie Stiles NEEDS to win. This season of Dexter was the best yet, if you ask me. Her character development was astounding and god damnit the end was sad!
I'm gonna log out. I'm over this. It was fun dishing with you all though!
"If you have a thesis on why Russ Feingold lost, i'd love to hear it" -Rachel
What's wrong with me? On commercials, I'm watching the Portia interview on Oprah, which too is extrememly depressing. I'm a true masochist
good point.
i'm weird. i would love to watch her show sometime, but for some reason i haven't. it's like watching the televangelists or listening to conservative christian talk radio. that's my idea of entertainment. ali thinks it's really weird but i have frequently driven from MI to IL listening to crazy...
ha! i debated watching this week's dexter instead of keeping up with this. dexter is still on the horizon.
Chris Matthews is cracking me up with this hypnosis stuff.
You gotta stay! Are you watching on MSNBC? It's entertaining, een if the results are depressing as hell. Misery loves company.
OMG who's the wacko with the "tingle" chris matthews sign?
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