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I don't know about her, but I think that about does it for me! Adios, amigas!
Well hey, to each her own.  Not my thing in the least, but if you're happy, more power to ya.
No, I say continue with the stream of plastic surgeries.  Keep doing that, and eventually you'll have value as a person. I liked gay people back when we were considered so horrible that the plastic people wouldn't be caught dead with us.
Leigh Bowery:  now there was an original thinker!  Love his shit.
Not one of 'em would ever say that.
OK just throwing this out there: How often does everyone here have conversations like this offline in your actual daily life? For me, barely ever because I'm in a smallish town where we have a randomized potpurri of gay people, not a "dyke community," and also because it seems like ...
Either this woman has major ovaries, or this is photoshopped:
Ha, you're right.  Shows how little I've come to care about the political process.  I don't have any faith in it since it's a charade and a festival of mainstreamism whose purpose is to re-establish the dominance of the a particular point of view, not to make any...
Yikes, I hope it all works out.
"Skate, did you also note, though, that this man said blacks were ignored on the streets by No on 8 activists?" I did note that, and while I can't say for sure since I wasn't there, it wouldn't surprise me if it was true, given the attitude I have seen among some of the white gay hipster set....
For butch/masculine/etc people on here:  Do you get hit on by men?  I noticed this happening to me every so often.  Some of these guys seem gay to me and others don't.
What job was it?
LOL Are you fuckin serious??  That's the best saying I've ever heard.
They're saing 147 dead in Chile . R. I. P.
I think the "environmental movement" is sometimes used to usher in legislation and measures that have nothing to do with the environment, but are all about centralizing power and control.  Outwardly they appear to be good things, but actually they are about enforcing the agenda of those in...
Hehe, my thoughts exactly.
maybe during cave times
I got CHANGE tattooed on one ass cheek, and HOPE on the other.  But when I clench my cheeks it says CHANOPE, or CHAPE if I clench tightly! Lol, don't worry, I didn't vote for those clowns either.
Public discourse is critical for all issues, no doubt.  As for spoon feeding, I guess all I can says is no thanks, I won't be doing any of it.  And I don't want anybody doing it to me, unless they want a boot up their ass, lol.
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