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So great to have Vp representin' at Karen's book tour!    xoxoxoxo E
this post is great.
I love the idea of being "familied" !  
Moons, there is a women artists conference at Smith coming up in Feb. Wanna go?
I love The Black Body! It is our Brooklyn Museum Book Club pick for February!  Meri Danquah and Greg Tate are going to come speak about it.
you are describing dry humping to iron maiden and being a rimming top and (still) you are unfailingly gorgeous!  xoxoxo  
and also, I don't think anyone here is trying to claim authenticity. 
  i'm also surprised that the non-butches aren't all up in arms over the phallus worship (just don't tell my girlfriend. it will go to her head, so to speak).
i love it. love it love it love it. and yay for girls rock camp!  and for teenage girls in general. they rule.   check out the show i am directing in the nyc fringe fest!  teens who wrote their own monologues and spoken word. its so great!  www.fringenyc.org --  the name of...
poor Em and all his internalized homophobia...
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