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Because the eclipse on Thanksgiving weekend was meant to bring up erroneous beliefs from childhood, including religion, I was making a point about how people rally around their faith without intelligent inquiry.  So yes, the use of the word "catholic" was meant to provoke but also to point out...
Hi Steph, That's really up to you!  More than likely, if she's the one you want to be/remain with, the relationship itself will improve and grow.  Basically, your love can expand even more . . .Lucky you!  
It would be when a gay woman is in the entertainment spotlight.  World Axis planets are always connected to fame or notoriety and if a woman has her rising sign (identity),  partnership angle ("famous" lover), midheaven (career house) on those points, she will definitely have her 15...
Hlarious!!  No more pampering, go for the gusto!
It goes both ways.  Letting go of thinking our partners can take care of us AND/or feeling the need to take care of our lovers.  Either way, time for an equal!
Hi Tex, And you may have "looked the other way" when you realized you had attracted an emotionally needy person.  Grownup is not a bad word.  It means we get to engage in R or X-rated activities with someone on our own level!
WEll, in general, as a Cancer, your most compatible signs are other water signs such as Pisces and Scorpio.  You may also be attracted to Capricorns, with secondary interest in Libra or Aries. At the end of the day, though, these are generalizations based on Sun sign only, and since we are a...
Yes, I know it can be a bit complicated, but so is life and so are relationships! Suffice it to say that, as a Cancer, change is on it's way to you and an opportunity to grow into your personal and professional power.
Interesting query!  While I think the reading population at VP is evenly distributed by sign, the writing/blogging portion is probably more weighted to the air and fire signs because we like to talk! In terms of the larger glbt community, astrologers will often note a contact from Uranus (...
Myabe you can fill in for me sometime?
Wow, that's cool!  Well astrology is an Aquarian medium so you are definitely open to messages from the universe.  Sounds like you're coming into an amazing place!
Yeah, and as I said, it's just the beginning.  The 60's has nothing on what will be happening in the next couple of years . . . What sign are you prof?  
That's cool!  I'm going to have to think about it since my inner animus is a 19-yr. old hispanic rapper.
This was the most convoliuted thread!  In answer to your question, I would love to learn how to do a proper layup shot.  And if I weren't so scared of heights and speed, I'd say snowboarding.  Right now, golf is more my speed.
Putting more energy into the exterior of the house, rather than focussing on cozy warmth of the interior.
And Keenan was pretty funny as Quincy Jones!  I actually thought this remake wasn't bad . . .saw it on CNN.
There are no words.  That guy better hire a bodyguard--particularly when Mars goes direct in 9 days.
Simon's hoping that is true to take the spotlight off of him.
Hilarious! Alcohol will make any conversation possible.  Boring conversation is not the sole domain of straights however . . .class, education, interests can collide in any gender combination.  
I think she's just a warmed over Madonna and has ripped off the genius of the legendary Leigh Bowery.  Even Boy George was more courageous . . .
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