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I'm pissed that I missed this event. Thanks for covering it, Grace.
Great interviews! I'm so happy to see that GLAAD is expanding the organization's mission and activities to draw more much needed attention to its causes. I've worked on their events in the past -- they have great people working for them! Go GLAAD!
They tried this a few years ago. We know the only reason they want to move supplements into the medicine category is so they can have more control over their competitors' products. For those of us who rely on holistic and alternative health products and remedies, this will be a diaster. I thought...
I love it when these hate mongering closet queens get caught. But, I'm sure that he will come up with some ridiculous reason about why he was at a gay bar -- using his bargaining "tool," perhaps?                  ...
You know that if men were the ones getting pregnant that the word abortion would not even exist in regard to pregnancy!
I think they should free all of the whales and dophins at Sea World, and put the owners in cages, and see how they like it. There have been other deaths that they have covered-up, or paid off. An OSHA report also predicted the death of a trainer sooner or later, and that it was a diaster waiting to...
Patrice is the most detailed astrologer I've ever met.
I thought Keenan was hysterical.
I agree. I think Obama was very rational, and handled things very well. He's finally getting tough, but I wonder what will happen when the cameras aren't on?
They're total bullshit artists. Obama pretty much said this in his closing remarks.
I know how you feel. Seems like nothing has really changed that much over the past couple of decades in regard to equal representation and rights for us. But, we can't give up now. I think its time to organize a new political party. Seriously!
I agree with you 100%. I didn't hear Obama mention the provision, so I'm sure it's not included. As you said, I guess we have to be thrown under the bus and dragged down the hill before anything is done about this paticular discrimination against LGBT couples. Also, how will this affect LGBT...
This isn't the answer, and is exactly what the military would love! No more queers or lesbians around. In hindsight, its a miracle that women ever got accepted. Its such a sad comment on our country.
It would be nice if all of us intelligent, political, self-aware queers could also benefit from the same tax breaks and benefits that straights get when filing taxes! That way we could invest more money into our community!
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