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Hummmmm.... I don't care so much about MJ these days... is there any gossip on JJ....
Just kidding.... you know your intelligence is 'ONE' of the many qualities that I admire most about you!!!!
LongBeach!!!!! That was supposed to be 'private'... :oops: P.S. I'm on my way!!!
Yeah Baby... Lovin' the view!!!
Minnie... I care about you and respect you also. You're one of my favorite posters and I always enjoy reading your take on things. I will always respect your point of view Minnie, whether we agree or disagree.
After reading down through the comments here, I feel the need to say a few things. to LongBeach and Yvonne.... I applaud you. You are brave, caring women. I happen to share your views on this subject. Thank you both for speaking out on behalf of the unborn, the innocent, those who can't speak for...
LongBeach.... about that leprechaun suit.... I'm kinda' diggin' on that.
Yes Julia... Thank you. It turned out to be more entertaining than the finale!
Dam...there's one with a beer opener!!! Now you tell me... **Returning the pearl inlay**
NO PUPPY. Perhaps a goldfish?
Sounds like you've covered all the bases Minnie... Cheers!!!!
DAM.... I'm really going to miss TiBette!!!
Present and accounted for Taem!!! What??? I look good in green???? Did I miss something???
Oh yes it is!!!!!
Me too.
Thanks 'NOT' Minnie... I'd totally blocked those scenes from my mind!!!
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