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Beautiful sharing. Thanks L.
Thumbs up for posting this from your phone
walked into Silent barn not too long ago on a whim. good to know event space possiblitiy # 4.
She deff needs her own show! hbo, netflix... something. Too funny.
This is a great interview and I love how she talked about coming into the art world at a time when modernism was on its way out, and her resulting projections on nature.  they are eerie and moving.
To clarify the tickets are for Today and Tomorrow only, we still have a few more so place leave a comment here or facebook us if you want to go!
toodlin, thanks so saying so I appricate that. xo
I still want to know who the sadist torturing Theon in the dungeon is. One of my students thinks its someone working for his father. side note, NY mag does a nerdo-tasitc job of interviewing a different character everyweek
this is so F******k'd
Ellen almost doesn't know what to do with kate.
did tilda eat a pig? classic.
the interviewers are sooooo... um.. classic.
85% doing nothing!!! Fattums!
I hope it wasn't my imagination but I could have sworn I heard a clip on npr of edie giving testimony before the supremes yesterday. I tried looking for it but can't dig it up.  
I do get why Queers have taken this issue on, its a kind of "not in our name" thing. So queers are saying don't use my queerness to justify your FAUX equality. Don't proclaim you (Isreal) are LGBT friendly and equality conscious, and come come take a vacay in our Country, and spend your pink...
I can't remeber the last time I've bought anything J Crew, i've always found their stuff ill fitting. too large in the wrong places.
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