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who's that sitting with the pooches?
this is a fab response. wonder if any of these canidates will read it.
why is kaj watching 'girls' in the first place? aren't there other bones to pick in any other realm of entertainment?
nice recap. I'm sold on the Grumpy coffee too.
Did beyonce lip synch or not?!? that was so disapointing to learn! although good for clarkson belting it out live.  
I'm sure there's a time and place, but when identity is constantly policed, in either extreme, it is turly counter productive to progress. Hats off to you for you sharing you personal perspective. We actually had to really think about how to define our top 25 list, since so many lbtqi  (etc)...
Courbet painted origins for an ottoman sultan (dont remember who). 
In case anyone misses this in the intro: "As with past years our criteria is to honor female-identified or non-gender-binary persons" Since our title would get quite long if we tried to identify all identifiers we've kept it at "...Singnificant Queer Women..." we understand not everyone identifies...
the world ending is so inconvenient, I've got things to do!
I almost got sucked into watching this! must work on list!!!
other than inventing the term santorm and maybe it gets better why is dan savage a spokes person for gays...
srsly unbelievable?!
i really need to see you get all riverdance.
lucky girl. and the doc is private!
ok first of all 4 little beers did not get me drunk! second of all if a toothy fish smiles at you from the plate, politely chop its head off.
awesome. you might convinced me to listen to cher too.
VF is fuddy duddy. it turned uncool ages ago.
Well now that we know that the CIA is a den of debauchery (patreaus) I'm sure it will attract a few homo mission imposible types. 
omg who isn't shooting episdoes in bushwick?
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