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and boy does that Bo get some fluffy grooming.
Dooze just needs an elf hat.
I have a ton of respect for eve. I totally want to see this.
the hurdle is if the gop blocks her nomination.
what?! what a bizzare decision.
um i have to agree, lesbian republican's sound self-hating. there seems to be no rational to support of the policies, and more about just fitting in to a backward tribe.
I ended up watching the whole hour of MHP, her panelists are so unscripted you never know what's gonna come out of someone's mouth.  
there are lots of goats roaming through my neigborhood...
I think this boils down to education in America... we are not a well educated country.
truly appauling how male privilage taints public spaces. More irritating is thinking of the clever comeback way after the fact. great post!
who wouldn't check that cover before posting it on their broadcast?!?!
I am taking the GRE in a about an hour and I can't get enough of this damn story, "CBS reported that Broadwell and Petraeus used "a cyber trick known to teenagers and terrorists,” namely saving letters as drafts in a folder or drop box in a shared account." Read more:
If the highest echelon of our government's military and security apparatus is compromised (cough cough) then doesn't this seem to put us in a vulnerable position in the world? Can we just leave Afghanistan now?
stewarts take down of his own interview with broadwell is classic
holy snap! it seems the FBI agent who started the investigation sent shirtless photos of himself to the "thrid" woman,  and was so obsessed with the case he had to be removed.
did you post this in honor of the deep abiding love between Paula broadwell and David Patraeus?
loose lips sink ships, and I'm talking about Patraeus,  
yes, gay people lower barometric pressure.
also I wonder if the young demographic turn out was due to the pot laws?
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