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Nothing like reassurance from RM. and I wish there was more media attention on redistricting, the system is still gamed as far as the house goes.
I'm surprised that college students voted in larger numbers too, it seemed there was such a lack of enthuse. they've given me hope. then there's this nice info-graphic of white flight
What this proves is, the US is becoming gayer, browner, stonery, and abortiony  
fattums waits for his bowl to be filled...
Nice review, thanks B$
here's a crazy time cap
Oh Tina Fey for President, when is it gonna happen?!
from Mindy's mouth to your ears... OKay will try that, as my years of coffee drinking are catching up to my pearly whites.
Wait how did you bleach your teeth? was it by accident whilst doing the tub or on purpose? if on purpose let me know how, looking for a stress free method.
is that really a pic of Tag? crazy eye runs in the fam apparently.
and that is a classic MHP take down
not surprising how cute young queers are (were).
I have an amended assessment of Ryan after watching last night. He is bright, he is wonky, he is just maligned, narrow-minded, ideological, elitist, pompous... which ends up making someone real stupid in the end.
would not have pegged RM for a Jersey shore fan.
That Mozella link tops it all off nicely. How could you resist her? hah.
god all of these titles seem so benign... this is what happens when wing-nuts run school boards.
i'm glad Mona got on Chris Hayes. But I'm kinda confused why Hayes didn't get the point. There is something activist art performance in Mona's gesture its not really a wonder that the egg heads in the room didn't get it. and Pam Geller is a nut job
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