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lord have mercy. its like a bunch of drunk frat boys run his campaign - and he's one of them.
Poodle?! now I'm really out of the loop. Schooled by Boo boo.
um that was intense.
Bridgetz you are the Kubler Ross of break up
this is a great idea! I want to go!
You should have went on Fox! Now that would have been entertainment!
...well the question is whether there are actually 100 donors and that the guy even raised the 5 million he claims. the whole project seems to be a bs job.
nymag is reporting that the guy who made it may not even be Jewish, and there may not be a full length feature at all, and all the parts referring to Islam and Mohamed were badly dubbed in... and now gawker is reporting...
this moive is the worst D-list peice of crap ever.
I missed that piece!
ok so i just watched Jennifer Granholm's Speech... I think she was tipsy. thats all i have to say.
And PS Obama wore Tracy Reese  on the night of her speech.
wasn't mtv all up all over obama in the last election. kind of says something about the youth vote this year.
That has got to be the MOST uncreative ad aginst gay marriage that they have produced yet. What happened to the storm clouds?!
I failed to give props to the undocumented Latina woman, which I thought was a rather effective play for immagration reform.
she had a lot of good lines. I really apprciated "not closing the door of opportunity behind you" Classy digs on the GOP.
right behind fattums, maru is my next favorite cat.
cool. got it. Thanks!
I wish I had Harris-Perry as a prof...
... but better.
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