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convo is done. if you want to continue take it to PM. I'm going to delete any further public pissing match.
To agree we are not getting anywhere here. For the record I wrote Olivia's headline on her last blog, I sometimes edit for google rankings, to build new traffic. I think we've all expressesed how we feel about sexualizing POTUS v. factual critique of policy. Lets knock this one off until the next...
Bernice is the shit.
acts like Malcolm Gladwell, friendly, intellectual, biracial and earnest...
but I do think Obama came out rational and comprimising in the end... anyone else? and i like that waxman is an egg head.
are we just biased? Or are the rethugs just bull shit artists?
is a little weasle...
legislation has to be introduced in order for it to become a law, if there is not enough public pressure for someone to create the bill i.e. Lieberman and before him Gillibrand tried to introduce somthing -- looks like lieberman took that inititive from her (political wrangling among senators yet...
i did a little searching and discovered thare a a few real wood frames out there, but only on certain parts like the ear piece. not wood all over. and by the way these frames are made of acetate and is supposed to be a 'green' line... however after that discussion of organics, i'm sure these frames...
start to dress a like, will you be able to tell us a apart?
is offically a trend! Lesbians are wearing (faux) Woodframe glasses 2/24/10 Okay I just timestamped it. Now please let me know when you start seeing straight people wearing them -- then you'll know it was yet another cute fashion statment we won't get credit for!
when you are back in town -- we are going shopping. time to take this butch thing to the next level.
we are so coming to the same party in the same glasses and the same outfit. I'm going to buy the prof and I matching Mao suits!  
Great socialist minds think alike! Actually Prof i was totally going to text you after I bought them to brag! But then I thought that was to Capitalistic so i didn't. Twinsies! XO  
so congrats to your new senator for having the balls.  
see a difference between the first time and the second pass at parenting?
wondering what your take would be. and yes, "hand holding" is a good word.
on a PBS program that mulit-tasking is BS. Multi tasking makes you less focused becuase you have more going on at once. And that students who think they are good at it, actually worse at comprenshion or memory retention that those that don't... its actually a chronic problem in the class room with...
oh right! its sort of like a Hoover! Actually its a Chinatown to Chinatown bus service that runs through cities from DC to Boston. They are notoriously dangerous and get into accidents often, but they are super cheap and I think a better ride than the greyhound. Fungwa is the first company of its...
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