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the bolt bus, its a helluva lot more safer too bad Mystics, we're all going out for drinks afterwards, you and your sig other are welcome to come.
that is your nekkid pic...
i'm just trying to figure out how you pronounce spanx? is it like "spanks"???
i'm going to buzz you
I can't believe you flew off, left Brooklyn in the snow, log in in ATL sunshine and pretend like nothing happened?!  
its only 2:30 and already Buzz is all kinds a wrong... how do we tie it into Vp. Papps any suggestions?
just started my buzz account... this shit is going to get distracting....
1) totally disagree about wearing a T over another shirt. short sleeves over long sleeves can look great. If you go for patterns, designs and stripes, however, it better be really intentional otherwise there is a risk of looking homeless. 2) My 2 cents on hats. the problem with hats, it fucks up...
.. okay maybe once.
to all of the above. living through the exprience of caring for family through old age (bad health) and death puts it all in perspective.  
I came across this story last Friday, but it made me so irate, I didn't get into it I didn't have the time or energy to write a blog. And this is still pissing me off. Jezebel, also picked up this story in which they also...
I didn't let out a guffaw until you got to the "Fire drum circle." Love it!
leveraging our collective power. Its one thing to leverage our voices and another to leverage our economic power. right now lesbians don't seem to have economic power. I do want to point out LOGO is owned by Mtv which is owned by Viacom, so while the management of LOGO is queer their ultimate...
love her, what a good clip.        
and I'm not sure what its from? because it doesn't happen all the time. Its kind of random. If anyone can figure out what triggers the reply to the bottom comment going to the top gets to figure out why Toyota cars accelerate when they aren't supposed to. apparently it ain't the floor mats.
like a true master craftswoman.
lieds alls I can say is you are the shit. I don't think I'da had the balls to do that.
I forgot Bacon was gay. lets face it the best artists are queer.
Had no idea you are an art buff. Wojnarowicz is definitely off the beaten path and someone who I think has been overlooked for a while. He had sort of a renaissance a couple years ago... for some reason I vaguely remember a retrospective at the new museum??? never read his books, will check it out...
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