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why are you scaring me.
I had to look up here comes honey boo boo, now I wish I didn't.
Nice Looking forward to how it all develops.
I was intially board, by the milk-toast verneer over the underlying bigotry and lie-fest. but I have to admit I'm rivited by the convention now.
Oh Fantastic! Great for Julie Goldman!!!
I watched up until Santorum, who is sure that a highschool diploma and marriage will save the country... and couldn't make it to Ann Romney, though I really wanted to, my stomach couldn't take it. Can't believe the race baiting by that RNC thug!  
its a transvaginal attack on the RNC science deniers
Love the in situ senic photos. and i kept trying to tie in something funny to say about mitt romney... but honestly there is nothing funny about romney.
not open this time, do to Fur infestation.
I realllllly can't imagine the US going back to the days of the coat hanger?!?!?
jelly fish, hurricain season, sharks, 60 hrs with out sleep... I mean
she really didn't like anyone.
ensler has a pretty meaty response
I honestly can't bear to even watch this guy speak.
this is the weirdest pubis-animation ever... i don't even understand whats happening.
AhHah! of course you would know!
I feel like there was more to say about this video but I couldn't think of anything... "when your grandparents finally approve", why are they wearing coats in the worse heatwave / drought since the dust bowl... or something along those lines.
I wish I had seen Kate's performance at Dixon! deff headed to Lohman before this closes.
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