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just have 2 things to say so far. 1) Zinn was an unapplogetic progressive, he sets a standard for the Left. 2) Obama is a pragmatist, a classy and bright pricipled pragmatist, but not a radical.
this could mean you are our wise elder...
Do you want Exxon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Lokheed Martin, buying the next election? That is in essense what the SCOTUS rulling was about. There are politics and then there are Principles.
yeah sorry, I went to bed promptly after it was over. I'm keeping a early schedule this semester i must get my beauty rest.
I say solid, animated, touched on all the issues and misgivings of the past year. The guy knows how to craft a speech, but can he get butts in congress moving?
Finally! Repeal DADT Dude!
i thought i heard someone mumber "you lie"... I'm taking a shot.
Kick the Supreme court in the nuts! (while sitting in the front row) awesome.
the republicans are looking more and more awefull, Mitch McConnel looks like he just stepped out of a crypt.
FLOTUS is looking better and better
ahead of the curve...  
Everyone loves a  new Nuke plant!
where are the rest of the usual lushes?
he makes a bad situation sound better. Pelosi looks terrible, and Geithner looks like he has a prune for a forehead.
are republicans allowed to Boo during the SOTU?
What happens if you're drunk already? ... I feel like I may wince through this whole thing...
Okay this is an awesome idea!!!
thanks for all that info. How truly facinating. so really the only thing you can be thrown in jail for is being anti-government somehow? but being a homo is totally fine? You can be gay in public but not march (in a parade), because marching would be a display of (potential) loyality to a party of...
As long as OUR site isn't being censored, I'm totally fine with state censorship. Kidding! "that they don't know what they are missing so they can't miss it."  that seems to sum it up. What was the pride fest like? How big? What rights do gays and lesbians have in PRC?  
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