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a filp in our favor, her core has become NYC, so she's been tryin her daggest to win us... so far its working.
Whoopie go for Ted Dansen? could be a fetish...
mystics talked me down from the ledge. I hope brown turns out to be a Gillibrand, someone who seems to step up for the people...
kevin bacon looks like a young Billie Jean King!
radio flyer. and i have no hairy bush comments to make.  
So who won?  
someone let me know when #69 happens, i'm logging off for the night.
yes, you may blather on, about how much you love these two artists, because they do deserve some blathering this is a nice little post holiday gift for someone special. #10
the final season was 6... not 5.
in that case is this the red light district? #8
a nice ring to it don't it?
comment 1
long as i'm number one in your eyes thats all that counts.
the whole world were more like smith!
i'm kinda in love with Gabourey Sidibe, i love it when talent comes out of no where, and she has one of the coolest names. it didn't seem to be an easy feat for Lee Daniels to get Precious out, and if not for a confluence of events, casting, and backing it may not have seen the light of day. i...
Win a Date with Alex Contest?
Comment was actually meant for Uncle Aimme, Two great art pieces! and her shout out for Vp. And yeah Alex aint to bad too
yeah you're our new spokes person
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