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to have a community to come back to. xo
I'm kinda sad I missed all the commentary on this blog while I was away. The only thing i want to add is that, Blackwell you are a royal pain in my ass. me thinks it may be you projecting yourself in this blog, but i'm too tired to psychoanalyze it now.
i thought you are gone till tomorrow?
Blackwell! step it up for the ladies who like femme ladies.
Showtime never intended the site to go beyond the final season of The L Word, according to a few people I know that work at the CBS Studios in Los Angeles.  The primary purpose of the site was never what was stated, but was instead to get viewer feedback and ideas for future scripts.  I...
I would like to say re. your above comment about "building from the bottom up," but I can't. I do have to say I agree with you about thinking the Chaik is attractive, I'v thought that for years! Watson "howled" at me and said "No its only cuz she's powerfull do you think that." Watty could be right...
you make me tingely inside. when are we gonna see your mug on that avatar of yours?
nice headshot Blackster
I was actually just appreciating the aesthetic.
i bet Rachel likes fresh sushi too.
I'm not one to say I have a favorite blog from anyone but, this has got to be one of the top for me. moving... and um... well, just really moving.
awesome kath, glad you followed us back here xo
what if you are making arrangements for a Pride booty call?
I have something to say about the fermentation process. cultures around the world eat fermented food as it aids in digestion. Wine and Beer before it was pasteurized and sulfided was an aid in digestion. Pickles and pleasing women are important the world over.
I'm totally offended by your kimchi reference. Ok because its you Tae, I'm not really mad, but I'm making my point anyway! As a 1/4 Korean, Kim Chi is to rice as ketchup is to French Fries. If you were sitting at a Korean BBQ full of hungry Kimchi lovers, and one of them offered you some Kimchi you...
au contraire I'd love to find that woman
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