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these idots
I think lesbians have to really stop being so squeamish about what they will "do" and "not do" -- its so NOM to be uptight about one's or another's orifices.
i'll go with bronx T.
I totally agree. this debate is hung up on language and what that language implies.
PS, for the recode it DOESN'T pay to be the big cheese, in fact it costs a lot of money and other peoples ire.
I see absolutely no comments from you in any moderation folder, pending or spam. so i don't know whats going on with that. can you describe whats happening when you click submit. also if you have a ton of links of anything try and take them out.
PS. i just checked the spam, and "pending" folder and did not see anything from LBDL. caught one of mystics and the rest was viagra.
let me clarify not that I really need to, when I drive i use speaker phone. and don't drive with one hand to my ear. I drove past the cops at an intersection... slowly, on a very quite street, they must have seen the light of the phone on the stearing wheel. I appreciate the patronizing. But I am...
Damnit I just got pulled over for being on my cell phone, 120 clams... and not the good kind. wondering if i should go to court over my ticket...
at least he Obama wasn't getting a BJ while on the phone with Netanyahu...
you know it totally was... but it could have been my unconscious at work! Julia created a list of the random questions then we select the question of the day and it posts automatically!
fornication. ... i just like that word.
I just love seeing SBC ass on Eminem's face! and i love how he has his flunkies try and pry SBC off...what freakin homophobes.
well put. yeah i think Erin eats daily.
it sure does still happen.
I'm more irritated that no one recomended that my parents hold me back in kindergarten, so I could start in school as an older child and not a younger one! I need that extra year to develop!!!
well in chapter 3 (i think) he also talks about having "enough" ability or intelligence for that endeavor. he compares noble prize winners, and says they are just as likely to come out of the U of Indiana as they are to come out of Harvard. So if you compare Swoops with any of her peers who she out...
Ok even though Minnie isn't impressed... I read the blog this morning, then watched the whole hour plus long video... then downloaded the audio book and made it through 4 chapters. I really love the way he crafts each of these stories, just when you think you know where he's going there is some...
i was safely in brooklyn all day yesterday.
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