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i want to know if those are your pin-ups behind you?
I can't believe Anderson blurted that out to Gergen...
i don't know why the site does this. we'll have to come up with a cure for the moderation thing.
Susan is my new hero
Oh god I know, I was going to post it yesterday but we were all too busy fighting. Its a new day,
we shot a video of the reading I hope to post it this weekend. and all you say is true.
hahah now that is a funny joke!!!
Thank god you finally got off your Diablo Cody crush...
yes, Yonks hung out with tami and I for the afternoon. we talked shop the whole time and I think board her to tears, but she is very polite and acted interested
Staceyann is doing a reading in NYC tonight at the Barnes & Noble in Union Sq @ 7. Anyone in town please come by.
um yeAh, we are living it.
oh dear... you're hired.
*off topic* Minn whats happening with the frozen and overflowing river?
its very hard not to have that vision of jacko dangling Blanket over the balcony... so um... creepy. i'm sure those kids are growing up stable. and CNN would be a better place if AC would just come out already...
well i think its actually a good analogy.he didn't say it was the Titanic, though he didn't say it wasn't...
oh she does have a weakness for being unable to stick 'em in correctly.
I was, i guess, in grade school in honolulu when Patsy Mink was my congress woman -- too young to realize that she crafted title IX, and too young to realize what a feminist crusader she was. that was enlightening to say the least.
and that is good news!
I would like to joint that visit. I've been dying for a lesbian rabbi to show me her Talmud.
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