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Hahaha your famous!
okay I'm just listen to that guy on NPR blaming congress for letting those bastards at AIG take advantage of the system!!?? do these fiance people have any morals whatsoever?
what a red hot mess of celeb gossip this week. awesome.
she isn't looking so good, i think there may be too many "blow outs" going up her nose...
by the way where the hell you been?
If I may add to your thorough explanations... A will must be carried out by the courts upon your death, which means it goes into "probate" where a public notice of your death is placed, signaling any relative who may want to contest the wishes of your will are able to do so. Also in probate court...
Holy jesus, you are really prepared for any and all eventualities... and to your above reply -- thankfully the military trained you about PA -- regarding all else it really isn't until families are in a fix that we learn about the options. It really seems these basic estate and health care issues...
yeah, its damned if you do damned if you don't. I just read this in the NYTs this morning. it just might be that everyone will be taxed on employer health benefits.
i love vanity fair, its a fantastic magazine and if i still bought print magazines -- i'd re-subscribe. they've got great features and in-depth reporting. not to mention great photos... they do lack the ability to be funny. they should stick to journalism and leave comedy to the Onion.
that was the bone i was picking actually, why is everyone copying afterellen?
to me there's actually a difference between the maddow interview and this story. someone acting like a douche bag for laughs and failing, and actually misreporting news is different.
Now how did you know what documents to have done? I ask because I only learned about these protections when a parent was ill, and we made preparations at the last minute. i'm just wondering how people learn how to protect themselves if their families don't.
For that fuck up Vanity owes her a cover!
I didn't know about her real estate dealings, thanks for that bit of sluething -- in my attempt at researching -- I did notcie that she owns all kinds of property in the city now i know why. I also appriciate Orman giving us middle and lower income folks the "How To's" of the rich. If Orman didn't...
hey what about that aweful kd lang movie salmonberry's was that pre-90s... doesn't it get grandmothered in to your top picks?
great looking forward to your box party.
your box or mine?
i see a lesbian
well in all fairness i don't think the Obama administration and his economic experts are all that clear about what to do either. even Geithner and Romer are at odd as to what the real banking problem is, liquidity vs solvency. I appreciate she confessed to not understanding instead of going with...
you're invited too. we just have to plan the trip.
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