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to go along with your ski mask? or is that a mud pack?
"a person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field." example, Rusty
Awww c'mon its called Kitch!
minn I found your lovely cursive in the spam box. damn spam catcher!!!
i'm going with “Slumdog Millionaire” for best pic, and Penn for best actor. not sure of the rest.
I'm hopin Carla wins TC, though its probably a way long shot. I like her kooky hippy outlook. Stephan is a jerk and Hosea is a douche bag. my prediction is it goes to Stephan.
I hate to say most of it was gay porno.
that doesn't bode well for middle east peace, Netanyahu, is a right-wing hardliner who doesn't want to negotiate with the PLO.
just don't send her to china...
um yeah i've been asking PK where tex has been. i tried messaging her in the forums but nada. should we be worried? APB on TEX!
pugs, you seem like you know how to drive a bargain, can we send you to be our proxy bidder?
in NYC, there are used furniture shops that I know advertise rentals for photo shoots, commercials, movies etc.. my guess was that since the l word ran for so long it was cheaper to buy than rent.
hahah, yeah. I'm saying that furniture was nice. don't you need a nice chair for your new office?
i always thought set furniture was rented...
I think we need to have a Vancouver Proxy, who will do all our bidding by phone. whaddya think?
agree with all of the above, but i thought Jamie kind of gave up before she got to judges table. the celery got the best of her.
huh? you saying i look like Blagojevich? come on guys can we take a breather on this one. the thought police appreciate it.
some users have all the luck
okay i think there is a 72 min time limit on the ammount of free video you can watch in a day through that service. also not sure if international can view. let us know.
shenny is messed up... no wonder someone had to die.
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