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This idolization of Ayn Rand is such BS, she would have hated the entire lot of gop-tea-partyers... she was a died in the wool atheist.
I forgot to add, Being that the nuns on the bus got started well before Ryan was selected as Veep... makes it all the more powerful now.
hopfully she will have one of those postumous careers... I was very taken by the few clips on youtube.
I think that's what so appaling about him, he so rude, he's like an uppity frat boy! as maddow pointed out, he's not used to having people question him. lets see if he learns to temper his temper...
Jess - just got round to reading this, what a great piece. had never knew of her... and know very little about mexican music.
haha, thanks!
Well you were right!
and also... that pussy riot is something fierce... like they are snikering while looking at years in prison.
oh Jeez O M G!
I wonder how many more crazy gun rampages there will be before the summer is up? (all by men goes without saying)
you know I've only watched the women too! I heard on NPR one of the BV players saying the reason they need to compete in bikinis is becuase the sand gets into all one's cracks if you wear loose fitting clothes.  
Mop! what a great name!
I have to add however, that I heard an interview with her a few years back where she talked about her grandmother -- who I guess was a real tough lady. And the story goes something like she had gotten her arm stuck in some old fashion washing machine, and her grandma yanked it out. And somehow this...
Its super disapointing to hear a FEMINIST icon disavow the word Feminist! I also don't get the fema-a-phobia
Jeez that charlie rogers video is heart breaking and angering! That is a brave woman. Nice week update! 
Damn why are there always controveries in gymastics
Apparently we didn't get all the bits and in-jokes #nbcfail
and for more body politics, bikini-gate and now leslie jones' weight!?
all good news stories. but did that horse riding fittness tool really need to be 5 mins long?
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