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Oh great! thanks for that tip. I was going to say that if you want to go on a long rant then don't include any links and then it will post for sure (without waiting for one of us to track back into the spam box)... but I think Annermarlen has a better solution. thanks!
CA, sorry i didn't get on till later this morning and went through the spam. i commented already about our spam issues earlier today.
i try to keep up with the Goats...
we use "Akismet Spam" its designed for wordpress. i think its a pretty utilitarian process, and doesn't have the ablitiy to filter out "content" as such. My feeling is it looks for typical spam-ish type characteristics, like too many links in a post, links with lots of characters ghdsoslkdjfsoisjgl...
i believe your records are only publicly available if you are a not-for-profit, which Religious organizations generally are, as well as the No on 8 org is. But we are private company, so your names are safe here little skunk.
Attention Commentors, It seems our spam catcher is periodically editing out some of your comments and thus turning you into spam. We are not super sure why this is happening. It seems to occur when you post youtube links, but clearly it doesn't happen all the time. So if you are finding that your...
OMG that shoe sculpture is awesome!
and so are you!!
you are a dog!
What?! how dare you! 5 dollars, is that all?
T-ex... even when its in English its not possible to follow them...
Thankfully Le Brun escaped the revolution with her head intact, and i believe continued to paint throughout her long life. Viva l'Artiste!
God! I just love the fact this guy loves his job! I'm being totally serious. I'm freaking glad he is an obsessed work-a-holic.
mathews is also a sexist pig. during that show he and some other loser commenting about taking family planning out of the stimulus package, referring to it by saying they needed to get rid of all the condoms. WTF. I hate dumb men.
or up his A**h*le
you are too nice to have a really mean bad joke, and i'm glad for that!
his office cost 1.2 million he paid the designer 800k fuck him, it should all come out of his pocket.
Kurgman seconds your motion, and now i'm a little worried about Defazio's assessment of summers. its not even a good stimulus plan, with infrastructure only getting 18%?!?
thanks riese, and oh by the way we also swiped your screen caps for Julias reccaps.
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