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PS. the one of the many compromises made to the stimulus package to appease Republicans was nixing women's health care for low income clinics... I hold that against the Republicans. If Obama doesn't make some concession to the GOP, the fear is his admin goes the way of Clinton's. Clinton didn't get...
I really want him to go to Medina then make a full Hegira to Mecca walk around the holy rock and then speak. I absolutely abhor the US-white-protestant-centrism that the wanning majority of American's seem to have. Like Powell said, (not in these words) Even if Obama was a Muslim What the Fuck is...
i agree with you. C'mon we know that she was framed!!! and if the pilot gets picked up we will find out who the real killer is, cuz alice will meet her in the mess hall.
i only wish we were ever first on bean spilling. Unfortunately we can only keep up with the Joneses... thelwordonline had that info for months, and alas afterellen always beats everyone to the breaking gossip. If you think we actually break any gossip you're reading the wrong site. this is only a...
no actually its our spam catcher that is whacked. its been keeping out you, erin, kent, Insomniac and a few others... not sure why that is. we don't check it everyday so if you have trouble posting again let me know and i'll de-spam you.
Okay call me a spoil sport, but I checked in with my people at who seem to come up with the goods all the time: read at your own peril.
Liederman was it you?!
Glad to see you're in fine form...
Jules sorry, I had to reformat your post when i stuck the pics in, so I did delete that "of" because i wasn't sure if it was mistake or not. you need to take a second pass after i get through with it.
sorry for not having references but I think they are appointing a new CTO positioin to the WH. there were 2 names I heard on NPR, can't think of them now.
even though I've boycotted this season for personal reasons. I feel totally caught up by your recap. thanks!
yeah unfortunately all the great commentary will not be saved! except in memory!!!
Yeah if anyone wants to save anything you've written you can just cut and paste into a doc of any kind. As far as all of the bloggers who moved from OC to Vp, It is possible for us to host that archive. It will be up to each blogger to give us the blogs they'd like to have in archive here.
My un-informed theory is this: whoever Patterson was going to choose needed to be a woman and pro-gay. Patterson has been firm about replacing one of our State Justices with another woman. and Patter has been on our side for sometime. Word is he spent a lot of time growing up with gay "uncles"....
and thank god for that!
no... she really was pretty awefull in public. NY1 did a whole clip of how many times she said "you know" in her first press interview. It was something like 81 times. totally distracting and just... um ... painfull
Thats what i read too. but listening to our local NPR, they were commenting on how fervently Bloomie was supporting Kennedy -- so that was pause for thought.
to quote Diana Cage as we walked throughout DC: "DC really knows how to rock their fur." honestly there were so many hairy beasts on people, including the Washington elite you'd think you were at a petting zoo.
while i was there as she was giving the poem,... it went over my head. maybe because my head froze it was sooo cold. i'm glad you posted the vid and the transcript because I think i just got what a brilliant and moving piece it actually was. there was a great stream of consciousness to it. and to...
yeah truly thank you for recognizing the efforts! and we really want you guys to feel like its yours and that it works and won't disappear for no reason
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