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Nice to see you here Rachel! xo
any thing that is beat up, broken down, like a car usually.
I'm so going to visit KT, and fix my beater.
Yes, I'm sorry to not have included that in my intro. Catherine and her work have been featured in TLW many times. Her portraits are in the opening sequence, and she was in S1. If my memory serves, she appears with her works in the vignette when Bette and Tina first meet at Bette's gallery during...
Thanks for articulating that. Crandall and Cage pitched the series to really explore the culture/ aesthetics/history of "Butch Femme" which is a really sub-class of queer identity albeit a very important and visible sub-class. Clearly not everyone ascribes to it, we really just hoped to create the...
A haiku about Prof Crandall Professor Crandall speechless but never thoughtless arbiter of queer
Hey Annemarlen, I actually just edited your comment so that photos will appear. I'm going write a very fast crib sheet so people can add images and links. Not sure if I can do it today but by the weekend. please stay tuned everyone. thank you and happy Turkey day,
please don't confuse the boobs for the art. the boobs are in the art... sheesh
The Artist Formerly Known as OC Editor, Bang! I love you!
oh dear me, then we shall have to meet up for tea.
Oh Zara dear, thank you for finding yourself here. I was going to miss your mighty wit and keen aesthetic intellectualism... xo
Everyone, Thank you again. Your totally heart felt sentiments are more than appreciated. I'm rolling up my sleeves as we speak, I will keep you posted of our plans as they happen. I'm scribbling at the drawing board right now. Tex, these are NOT sarah palin glasses. CA, I hope you will write in...
Again guys really, thanks a ton for your thoughts. We are actually not that far away from each other, i hope we keep in touch here!!!
hey Rusty, You were definitely not the person I was thinking of when I mentioned that! Yeah what was created in terms of dialogue was fantasitic. Thansk!!!! XOXOXO GM
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