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Wonder if Hayvan Partisi, might turn into a humane society type org and provide services like spaying and nutering(!) if their political ambitions fail.
Hi stranger, glad you're back! and Vegas reallllly?
Dammit Mercury screwed up my locks last night! I had to change my whole apt door lock!
Wonder why anderson took so long to come out? Anyways great wrap up jenny!
Bacon Boobies? surely there is a better name for a party?
I am actually shocked you got the brush off. In brooklyn. In gay b' burg. By 20somethings.... Lame However being someone who periodically uses cl for roomies i list my apt with a *queer friendly* astrick for the reasons you mention - weird unexpected hostility.  
WTF? on another note what the hell is going on with this, please 'splane
What feakin bull sh*t. And snow and collins went along... No wonde snow is getting out of this racket
in Engrish the doggy's name is Chow Sa.
What the miami zombie didn't make it to this list? and that dogie is the cutest!  
funny all these things are on my todos this weekend.
better question, oy what country do i live in?
what planet do i live on?
Also I'm glad it didn't boom or burst... in a way a good sign that it isn't a big bubble (I think). everyone who hyped either way was wrong. Going flat really wasn't predicted at all, also it was flat while the overall market tumbled—make of that what you will.
oh yes she was! she was saying lesbianism is better for your career!
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