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my prediction is it will go lower next week, as the entire dow drops to 12 - but it will be up in a year. I think fb is going to figure out how to monetize mobile in a big way. but its gonna take them a little time and as well as weathering the overall economy. When the economy dives, ad dollars...
fascinating, the religious right steps in when science decides we're not sick. Its like the creationist museum steps in to disprove evolution... no matter how wacky the biblical premise.
Just got the fundraising email. and you know what, I donated my gay dollars.
Great piece! thanks J & H!!
must catch up on Freshair to see what terry reveals about Girls.  
I wonder if Obama will strong arm him to keep troops in Afganistan when he visist the WH. i hope hollande keeps his progressive agenda!
Her guests are also refreshing. sometimes these shows rehash the same ol guests across the networks.
LA - thanks for writing this, this is great!
That Sunday round table was soooo infuriating. Of course Maddow was right!
There is so much to choose from. First I'd like to have free coffee in bushwick, then go to the sitting meditation with my hoodie... if i had a bike I'd do the bike bloc, then the wild cat march with fattums... then get arrested at the after party.
oh crap I better be out of my hood by 8 or i won't make it to work! or that's the point I guess...
Booyah! Maddow had to kick Alex's condescending ass. and Rosen looked like she was trying hard to bite her tongue. wish that debate went on longer.
What a twist in that story! I had no idea the plaintiffs weren't lovers!? and I was just going to say there's a report out based on the '10 census which says there are more inter-racial same-sex couples than their straight counterparts.
"straight women are so attractive that I don't feel I am the "predatory" hunter but a victim of their seduction power" hahah - exactly.
I'm actually kind of surprised by the negative responses to this article on other sites, especially from lesbians... Its as if everyone forgot what its like to come out, or question their sexuality, or get with someone who is questioning their sexuality. Its like everyone is pretending hitting on...
Great photos Charolette! thanks!!
"Normally, I translate my crushes from the characters to the celebrities who play them. I don’t know how I do it, it’s magic." this totally made me laugh.
thanks ariel, for this update.
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