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Always  on Facebook, love the games
somewhere over the rainbow  ,, my favorite song. I used to sing it to my umbrella cockatoo all the time .Had to give her away last week so this song has been stuck in my head seems now i hear it everywhere 
For my 50 th Birthday ,My sister took me on a 7 day cruise it was awesome. No phones no nothing, loved it....
Eastern carribean  , just awesome!!
 You should have been to the Idol auditions unreal , Very paiinful to watch.  Having been there my self this year in orlando fl, with my daughter makes you wonder if this show is really for real. Thank goodness we had a fast pass, and didnt have to wait in line (in the rain) for days to...
Am I too Late ? lol 37 degrees here in florida please keep your artic air to yourself! just saying lol
Very well put.
First thing that came to my mind was TV  lolol
Popcorn is good ,love popcorn
hmmmm I live in florida and there must be something wrong with me! On hot days all we seem to do here is stay in the A/c lolololol
Talking about James Brown .
Yep Mr Rubber Legs.. I seen in in person many moons ago when i lived in a small town on Long Island N.Y. The town was called Roosevelt. I was about 8 or 9 years old and he wasn't really Famous Yet.. ok ok don't hurt , I said it was many moons ago!!!
wow a big fish !! I wonder is she had to bait her own hook , yuk!!
AWWWW I Miss You Too!!
Ps Lbdl Don't mean to sound gross here but tampons are even too big for me lolol thank god I dont need them anymore
Oh hell no !! That would def. not be my thing ! Bad enough they having something come out that big let alone go in lolololol
The only thing that will ever resemble a fist in my vagina was child birth 2 x . Fisting is not for me.I'd be tighter than a clam if anyone ever suggest's that one.. lolol
sex ? I don't think I could have sex hanging from a tree branch like a slug !! What if it rains? lolol
Just a thought ,Maybe jennie looks dead ,but really isn't dead and comes back in the spin off ! lolol . Maybe IC has been watching too much Daytime Drama Tv. It happens all the time on the soaps ! Dead people come back 2 years later.
Have to agree with that How gross..
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