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I was checking out one of Marcie's links on fb and then saw this. You really handled that well. I feel sorry for that woman. She is a legend in her own mind and apparently needs to be worshipped. She cannot see the forest for the trees. We all have our burdens to bear, good luck with hers on her...
WTF? That title was GOLD.
Emma is a cutie and you can tell it really hits her when she explains how her girlfriend was kicked out of the school she taught at. I love how they stayed together. RESPECT
I found the following article at One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi and just shared this on fb... "I see all of Jews, Christians & Muslims as cousins in religion with Abraham PbuH being our Grandfather showing us the Path towards the same GOD" I realize some of you don't believe in any...
For a number of reasons. Well said, and RIGHT ON.
Hard to ignore those numbers for women in Hollywood. Movie: The Movie, yeah! LOL! Good on the Judge. Marcie, the first thing I wondered about the fight between the three girls and the guy and this entire escalation, is the guy white? I really cannot believe this book is coming out and how have "...
That looks funny.
I've never seen that before.
I don't know how to make a heart on here... <3
I've enjoyed listening to these. Thanks, Marcie.
I always thought she was singing about a woman in this song, but what the f ck do I know...
You are so f cking funny girl. LOVE IT
This whole thing is awful.
I don't understand how anyone could be against birth control. I understand being against abortion, but not against contraception.
Love it! RESPECT
I loved this, right on. You go, Cynthia. : )
Thanks for the clarification. You did not hurt my feelings, I wanted to understand where you were coming from with your comment. Even if you didn't give a crap about animals and were laughing at what happens to them you could never hurt my or anyone's feelings more than they are physically hurt.
Animals being tortured is not about PETA or politics, or am I taking you as being dismissive about what happens to these beings incorrectly?
Some people dismiss Ellen, since she signed with CoverGirl, over animal torture, I mean testing, for human convenience and vanity. Ellen is doing a lot to advocate for animals and I think she can be a catalyst for change inside a company like CG, like shame them into it or show them it is...
Melissa sure can talk huh? DAMN
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