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so how did it go?
In your heart you are a Jew and something has drawn you, a lesbian of color, to Judaism.  discuss that.  Perhaps it is the principle of “tikkun olam” (the obligation of every Jew to heal the world).  Perhaps it is the idea of tzedakah, which, in the west is interpreted as the word “...
well i would love you skunky no matter what color your stripe is and no american show is ever gonna change that, my little lesabian aromatique (i just love your accent)!  ;)
*yawn*... is it over yet?  i fell asleep.  i just had this awful nightmare that a bunch of bachelorette rejects got together and made a show about being lesbians...isn't that awful?
sorry, skunky.  i didn't mean to be a distraction.  but really i've been on topic all along bcs i was all s.a.d. at the beginning of this thread and now i'm not so the blog really helped!  sweet dreams.
good to the last i've been told!  ;)
mmmmm, your tequila is making me feel all tingly inside. 
skunky, you'd keep me warm even if you were made of ice!  like drinking a frozen margarita on some remote tropical beach!  does that make any sense?  silly me.  oh well, bottoms up!  ;)
oh skunky you just brought a ray of sunshine into my day!  my pleasure island is wherever you and i meet...y'know, right here at vp on the www, cuz, like the song says, i like it HOT:
a boi-cott?  no bois...ever?  darnit...that just makes me SAD, skunky.  i guess i'll just have to load up the u-haul and be a movie star somewhere else.  preferably a place with lots of sunshine, bois and skunks, of course, so i can be happy year round!  :D
would you go out on a virtual date with me, skunky?  i think you're really cute and furry and funny and kind of adorable.  is there anything else i need to know about you before we go out?  what does that white stripe mean?  never mind, it doesn't matter.  i like you just...
wow, ct, what an articulate and beautiful post.  
It is my experience that debate and contention can lead to profound change and growth even, and especially, if I don't agree with the ideas or opinions presented.  That is the subject of my maiden blog on  One of the reasons I became interested in vp...
i'm over 50 but i'm not really...i mean mm would be over 50 but she never will be, and i, too, am not over 50, and, yes, i know, i'm not concise in my appearance or i should say mm is not concise in her beauty...i, i.e., mm, am not terse or pithe, but i never intended to be.  quite the...
WTF happened to eric carmen?!!!!  my god, are we sure that's even him??  i'm serious, cuz the guy had to have a total face transplant for it to be him.  duuuude there is no way.  he would have been at the top of my list of shouldbians before he became an alien.  he was...
A sheynem dank, Annie O, that was AWESOME!!!!  you're a mentch!! btw: ביה מיר [bei mir, phonetically speaking]   truly yours,   camomileroses כמומיל רושאש
schlub is originally yiddish,...stick with me and you will get a prize at the end! Yiddish was a colloquial language written in hebrew.  scholars say it is tantamount to african american ebonics but has been around since the year 900 and spoken as the primary jewish language in northern europe...
huh-uh...i noticed that too, but i found it at Wed, 2009-08-05 13:14 up above.  i think they were all pushed down by my/AO's "skinny" shenanigans!!  btw thanks for the nice words.  they mean a lot.  cami/mm  ; )
"corruption/thuggery": AO, i love your sense of humor but are you projecting onto obama the bush/cheney knee breaking duo of doom?
annie o, you are hilarious [i'm ducking afraid the screen's gonna explode]
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