Erin McKeown and Jill Sobule: Titans on Tour

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Erin McKeown and Jill Sobule: Titans on Tour

I love Erin McKeown and Jill Sobule. Love is not even a strong enough word. I would gay marry both of them in a polyamorous lesbian co-habitating musical love nest.

Unfortunately, that is not possible because New York State does not approve of the gay love union. So, the next best thing is watching them play music, and if you missed their "Clash of the Legends Tour," which wrapped up last weekend, then the next best thing is listening to their brand new recordings.

Sobule made headlines last year, not merely for kicking Katy Perry's ass for stealing the title of her hit song "I Kissed A Girl," but for making her last record California Years entirely by fan-funded donations. Sobule raised over $85,000 to create and market the disk.

Erin's latest disc, Hundreds of Lions, was just put out on Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records. It's made up of bitter-sweet-breakupy-failing-in-love-and-out-lesbionic-kind-of-soul-wrenching tunes.

We will be doing a special CD give-away shortly so keep your eyes and ears tuned here. Until then, enjoy our interview and clips from Erin and Jill's second-to-last night on the road together.

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Not2Taem's picture

My aplolgies

Dear Jill,

I must apologize for my shameful lack of response after I won your CD. Have you ever listened your favorite old 45 and hated it? Maybe it just wasn't the day to play it. Maybe you were feeling cynical and old and hoped that it would pull you out of your mood, but it just sounded silly and theatrical and you wondered how you were ever there.

Well, that's what happened the first time I listened to California Years. That day I just wasn't the me I needed to be to hear it. The images seemed too theatrical. The rambling, chatting with your girlfriend tone lacking structure and discipline. Honestly, the first time out, I didn't make it through the whole disc.

This morning a torturing student canceled last minute, and I as I used the time to straighten up, I stumbled upon California Years. I decided to give it a listen, intending to concentrate on who might appreciate the sound and pass it along. I can think of a couple of folks currently caught up in drama who will get a recommendation, but none of them will get the CD.

My apologies, dear lady. It just wasn't the right day that first time around. While You Were Sleeping and Sweetheart are the songs that feel like that perfect fit: easy flowing images that fall like a gently familiar rain. And while the tempest of Bloody Valentine and League of Failures are where I am right now, there have been periods of my life when I would have felt validated and thundered along with the drama. Even now, I smile remembering the images that filled my journals in those times. So California Years will stay in my collection, with great appreciation.



Tex's picture

Thanks for the vid interview, Grace.

We'll have to ride along, drive the van, be a roady, or whatever the next time they tour to liven up those hour roads trips! 


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